Wake up and smell the coffee!

Ahh, thats the BEST way to wake up, but alas, I'm usually the one to make it. ;-)

The reason I thought about doing this particular topic is because I've noticed I usually wake up in a happy mood. That mood continues throughout the morning if it goes the way "I" like it to. Ideally, I wake up at about 7 a.m., turn on my computer and while it's booting up, I put on my new white spa robe that I got for my birthday and my white fuzzy princess slippers. After going to the little girls room, I walk into the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee. If its a REALLY good day, one of my scrapbooking mugs is clean! LOL I bring it back to bed, hop under the covers and check email, boards and blogs. If I have my way, this covers the 30 minute span + 30 more.

Now, not every day goes this way. My 11 year old sometimes will stand at the edge of my bed and peer at me until I sense it and scares the bejeebers out of me by saying, "MOM! WAKE UP! ITS A SCHOOL DAY!" Argh! So on those days, I put on the aforementioned robe and slippers, quickly use the rest room, get the coffee going and sit at the dining room table, trying to teach her math that is way too easy for her, thereby having the wrath of Peyton thrust upon me. "Mom, I know this stuff." Sigh. And so my day begins.

To be 11 years old and know everything must also be an awesome way to start the day, but I can't remember! :-D


  1. ok, now if either of THOSE scenarios was the first 30 mins of MY day, I would wake up in a good mood too! sounds like a Sunday to me!

  2. You don't get up to 7:00--oh my heavens you lazy bones. When do you feel your animals???

  3. And so goes the life of leisure! LOL - how often DOES the day go the way you want it to?

  4. Oh, my! My boys would only wake me up that way ONCE. ROFL That's our main rule for having sleepover company -- do not wake up the mom. Sounds like good mornings, though, Suz.

  5. LOL - wish I was 11 again! (Well only sometimes!)