Lots of news!

I've just gotten back from a trip to Florida to help celebrate my Gram's 100th birthday.  While there, I also got to see my brother, who I haven't seen for 21 years, and my sister, who I haven't seen for 24 years.  Dyfunctionality at it's finest (apparently, dysfunctionality isn't a word, but you get my gist, right?)  Anyway, it was great to see them and a good time was had by all.  Can  you pic my Gram out from all these fantastic looking chics?  LOL

Exciting news!!!  Kitchen Keepsake is hosting a challenge to benefit the victims of the Oklahoma tornados on June 15th. 

There will be tons of fun challenges by tons of special guests including Becky Fleck.  Come get your scrap on while benefiting a great cause.  Just go to the Cheeky Chics blog and click on the Oklahoma Tornado fund donation box.  That will get you an invite to the crop forum.  Come and join me in the fun!

Also, all of the new challenges are up on Kitchen Keepsake.  Carmen's challenge this month is all about summer fun.  I had to do a layout of my beautiful Gram, using a watermelon banner.  Who doesn't love watermelon in the summer?

That's it for me for now.  I'll be back soon with more creations from the new challenges coming up in the Kitchen and from the Oklahoma fundraiser crop. 



Quick Elliott update

Elliott got his wings this morning.  He is whole and pain free.  Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers, they are appreciated. 


Thank you!

All of your well wishes and prayers are being heard!  Elliott is now 72 hours and still hanging in there!  His chances of survival have increased from 20% to 50% and increase with each passing day.  Layouts coming soon.  :-)

Speaking of layouts, I have not had much time to scrap, but I did manage to complete this sketch for Artful Delight, using goodies courtesy of Amy and Jen, pictured.  Photo placement was no accident to show the words you see.  LOL  Thanks again girls, it was such a nice surprise getting happy mail!

Thanks for dropping by, happy scrapping! 


Introducing baby Elliott

Our grandson came way too early, 23 weeks.  You can see how tiny he is comparing his size to the doctors hand.  His prognosis is not good, he coded immediately upon birth, but he's got some of my DNA, therefore, he's got some piss and vinegar in him, so he's hanging in there almost 24 hours later.

The medical staff has been amazing!  Watching them work on Elliott and performing huge miracles on this 1 pound, 12 ounce little miracle is humbling.  Elliott's little feet have left huge footprints on our hearts already! 


Happy May!

As usual, I used Janet's stash challenge for my calendar, April showers bring May flowers.  It was tricky getting those tiny flowers to stay put under that mason jar, but there you go, LOTS of flowers!

Peyton has had her twirling recital already, one of my favorite things to scrap.  It's a good thing too, because I have a bazillion photos!  LOL  Here are a couple that I've done using challenges in the Kitchen.

Thanks for stopping by, and I promise, I will post more creations before June 1st.  LOL  Happy scrapping! 


Happy April!

Once again, I used Janet's "April Showers" stash challenge to complete my calendar. 

This layout is inspired by our April Featured Chef, Pam, in the Kitchen.  I also used the sketch from Artful Delight.  I was amused with my paper pieced crab.  LOL 

All of the new challenges are up in the Kitchen, and there are some really great ones.  Come play with us! 

Until next time, happy scrapping! 


Last One In is SMART!

For those of you who've been reading me for awhile, you know that I love to use humor on my pages.  It helps me keep my sanity with four children!  LOL

Each year, we have a "First One in the Pool" contest.  Peyton has won it for the last several years, but Ethan, being not entirely bright, decided HE would be the first one in the pool in 2013.  So, he sneaks off to borrow one of Glen's swimsuits and made a mad dash out the bedroom door and into the pool.  Of course, the water temp was in the 50's so he jump right out, gloating about his bragging rights.  EXCEPT he forgot one of the rules, I have to get a photo of the event to scrap before he could claim the title, so he begrudgingly slid back in to the pool. 

I'll bet he isn't so quick next year to be the "First One in the Pool!" 

I'll be back soon with the April calendar.  APRIL!!!  Can you believe it!

Happy Easter!


Don't faint, but it's me again!

And I'm here to share my most recent layout in the Kitchen.  Phillis is our Featured Chef this month and she challenged us to make a "recipe" layout using various items.  I was thrilled with this accordian heart that I found on Jayne's blog, isn't it the coolest thing EVER! 

I actually made Janet's recipe for Kale Chips and I have to say, I didn't think my kids would like them, but everyone LOVED them!  Thanks for the recipe Janet


Happy almost March!

Uhhh, yeah... February just zoomed by.  That's my excuse... 

We found the perfect Chefs for the Kitchen, Shelly and Carmen.  They are awesomely talented designers and we are thrilled to have them! 

Shelly posted some culinary Muse.  Who thinks of this stuff?  Shelly, THAT'S who!  She challenged us to print a photo using the "washout" function in MS Word.  Really!  I never, ever would have known about that function, but here is what I came up with.

Seriously cool, thanks for the tutorial Shelly!

And I know it's not March, but since I've been such a bad blogger, I'll share with you my March calendar a day early.  LOL  I used Janet's Kitchen Sink Stash challenge, but it's not posted until tomorrow, so shhhh... don't tell her I sneaked it up here. 


Tomorrow is new challenge day at Kitchen Keepsake, so come on over and say hi!


Happy New Year!

2013, wow!  Last year just zipped by!  I don't generally make resolutions because they fly right out the window right away, but this year I'm going to try something different.  Pay it forward, doing good deeds for totally unsuspecting people.  I love surprising people and it makes me feel good to do a good deed.  This means I'm going to have to be paying attention.  We'll see how this goes for me.  LOL

Kitchen Keepsake's DT call is still open, we'd love for you to come over and share your talent!  Janet posted her monthly Kitchen Sink Stash Challenge today, which is what I used to create the above calendar.  The title "January" was made using really OLD stickers, so old that they weren't sticky so I had to glue them on.  LOL

Thanks for reading, have a great month!