I miss my scrap room

So many good ideas, so little time! Last week, Megan was home for spring break and this week, Glen closed his office and moved it all back home. It's amazing how many people I have to "visit" with at home now. LOL Which, of course, takes time away from what I love to do: create! But, I DID manage to sneak in a two pager with some of the spring photos that I posted earlier this month. Hope y'all are still in your scrappy zones! :-)


Girls, girls, girls

Do I remember being this young? Caring about what boyz think and yet, being so carefree? Yes, I do! How fun to spend a day just sharing secrets and spraying hair with lemon juice, HOPING that it turns blond! :-D Just thought I'd share more photos of our gorgeous day and girls! :-)

Ahh, the life!

Today is a beautiful, sunny 88 degree day. Megan is on her way back to college, with puppy in tow, and the girls have friends over and are enjoying the pool while the grown ups are enjoying libations on the deck. Today, life is good! :-)


Oh happy day!

What is it about kids and puppies? Megan brought a puppy home for spring break, supposedly pet sitting for a friend, but not REALLY. She "saved" the puppy from certain doom, hoping that we would warm up to it and keep it. We certainly do have a soft spot when it comes to our kids and their animals, thus the 3 dogs, 2 cats and 1 rabbit that we already have. HOWEVER! That's the limit. Actually, it's beyond the limit, but we'll not be adding anymore pets. Ever. (That's not a never, it's an ever, which is different than never, right?) So today, Megan's furry friend likely goes to the pound, unless Caitlyn's friend takes it. Goodbye Haley, it was nice to meet you. :-D


Oh bother!

Look, I don't hate birthdays, just for the sake of turning a year older. I truly don't care about it. You know what bothers me about birthdays? The fact that people feel like they HAVE to do things for you. Some people do things for me and I feel just fine about it. Jaynie got me some really cool scrappy stuff! :-) Of course, I LOVE it all and I'll use it, but do you know why it doesn't bother me? She did it because she truly wanted to. Had fun shopping and everything. I LOVE that. It's sincere. Glen is cooking for me. Because cooking is his passion. :-) My girls made me hand made cards. I love checking on all my scrappy boards and having all my buddies say "have a great day!" And you know what? I DID! My best gift of all today? My 16 year old son made and performed a song for me. If you knew how many days I FUSS at him for playing his guitar, hooked up to his amplifier... All of my friends and family have made me SO happy today! So, thank you from the bottom of my heart. How old, you ask? Why, I'm 29, of COURSE! ;-)


Pondering embellies

I was asked recently if there is any embellishment I WOULDN'T use in my albums. I had to think about this for a whole day. I used to be a CM purist. You know, everything that goes along with that. THEN, a friend of mine corrupted me with a little piece of green ribbon. Gosh, that ribbon was heavenly! Well, after a few months, my album didn't flame with the ribbon in it, so I decided I could use more ribbon safely. THEN, someone gave me a piece of Basic Grey. Well, the wheels pretty much shot off from there. I'll spare you the "then I got this, and then I got that" but suffice it to say that my photos are much safer in my albums than they have ever been before. I've used everything from cork to plastic cake decorations to drywall tape. So the short answer is no. There is nothing I wouldn't use if I liked it in my albums. The one thing that hasn't changed is that I believe in the story that my albums tell. The embellies speak volumes about me, I think. :-)

ETA: Laura reminds me that I've even used seashells from Hawaii. (Courtesy of Becky!) Tis true! I'm sure that's the most EXOTIC thing I've used. But like I said, I haven't come across anything I wouldn't use, yet!

I remember a conversation on a scrapbooking board about the use of bottlecaps and guitar picks in scrapbooks. At the time, I rolled my eyes. How stupid is THAT? WHY would you want to put those in your scrapbook? NOW I understand. It's all about creative expression. Sometimes, it does fit. For example, I'm planning on pages for Caitlyn and Ethan, who both play the guitar. A guitar pick is the PERFECT embellie, doncha think? ;-) Clarity comes with experience.


Springtime in Alabama

Ahhh, as the temps get warmer, the pollen counts increase, which plays havoc with my allergies. But none the less, I love spring! It's so beautiful when everything starts blooming. Here are a few pics from around our house.


Scrappy friends are wonderful!

After a whole weekend of uninspired scrapping, I thought I'd take today off, even though I have 12 more years of photos to go before I'm caught up. I've decided that maybe my best bet is to scrap them slowly, really ENJOY the process, rather than rushing through them. After all, they've been unscrapped this long, what's a few more years? LOL One of the benefits of having scrappy friends is that they can show you cool new techniques and tricks. I got this one from Trish. She shared a template of her "photo holder" and it was PERFECT for all the hundreds of Disney photos I have during 1990 and 1991. There are 9 photos inside the holder, including the one with Tigger and Megan. I'll definitely be making more of these photo holders, hopefully on more inspired pages!


A sketch from me

I love the look of scallop edged paper! I have a few pieces that I use as templates and hand cut them. Remember to save the negative to use as well, such as I've done in this layout! I used Fancy Pants and Bazzill paper. Enjoy!


Okay, so I don’t REALLY play the guitar. Ethan does. Caitlyn does. I don’t. (But I look good, right? RIGHT??? LOL)

MY strength is encouraging others to bring out the best in them. My great friend, Jayne, had a wonderful idea today. Of course, I can’t actually tell you what it is, since the whole idea isn’t formulated, but can I just say? SHE IS BRILLIANT! CREATIVE! WONDERFUL! She inspires me every day! And I KNOW that future generations will love her too, because of how she inspires ME and the end product that is my scrapbooks. So today, this is thank you! Thank you to Jayne, and all, who inspire me each and every day. I thank you and my family, now and future, thank you. Love you all!


Have you ever had a day when you're just plain ole' uninspired? Yep, that was me today. So, I tried my hand at a collage layout, and then a calendar page. Can't get much more uninspired than that! So, I'll post the card I did yesterday using my own sketch. Megan sent me an email about a little boy in Canada diagnosed with lukemia and his birthday wish is to get millions of cards. I "snoped" it, and sure enough, it's true. Shane, here's wishing your wish comes true! :-)


I miss Megan

This is so weird. When Megan left for college last August, I was good. Oh, sure, I cried for a minute. Then I went and started moving furniture around. She comes home at least once a month. For money, I tell myself. She came home two weeks ago, and when she left, I found these two cropped photos saved on my laptop with a note... "Mom, I miss seeing scrapbook pages that include me." :-(


Rule of thirds

I was just messing around when I took this photo of Ethan doing his school work. He loves to do school in my scrap room because it's "clean." LOL Anyway, I wish I had gotten the AFTER look... he was really annoyed that I took his picture. Love ya Ethan! :-D


I've decided...

I REALLY like pages with 3 photos on them. Not too busy, but enough that I feel like I'm "getting my moneys worth." LOL Anyway, I'm having a blast making sketches! Now I just need to get busy USING them.


Updated "Eyes"

I thought I'd post the finished product. I really love how it turned out, but of course, the beautiful eyes totally make the layout.

Trying my hand

While talking to Jayne today, we sorta networked into the idea that we might could draw sketches in our digital scrapping program. She tried it and it worked, so I followed suit. (See a pattern here? LOL) Here are my first two attempts at computer sketching. I'm so excited! Enjoy!


The eyes have it

Everyone is doing it, so must I! LOL It's not as if I don't have enough things to do, or spend enough time on the computer already, but this blogging thing is apparently all the rage, so here I am. I hope that your visit here might inspire you to create.
This is a layout that is still in the works. Actually, it's supposed to be finished at this point, but it's lacking, doncha think?
These are photos of my twirly girlies, Caitlyn and Peyton. Distinctly different, both beautiful.