We are STUCK on Feeling Scrappy! We've been at member 98 for a few days now, so I'm going to do something about it! Who likes scrappy gifts? Yea, I thought so! :-D

Bring a friend to sign up on the Feeling Scrappy board and tell your friend to tell us that you sent her. You both get a scrappy gift if your friend is member #100! Same thing with #150. But to win the gifts, she must say that YOU sent her! That's the deal! Sound like fun? I'll be waiting! :-)

A DT has been decided on for Feeling Scrappy and will be named tomorrow! Come join us for the excitement! Just beware of flying pillows! :-D


Busy, busy

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. I'll get back to a regular routine after FS's DT has been named. Who knew there was so much talent out there? Well, I had SOME idea, but what a difficult job it has been trying to decide which ladies have enough of all the things we're looking for in the DT! Submissions are due in by midnight tonight, so if you're reading and think you might want to try out, I would encourage you to do so! There's still time, since the layouts do not have to be new for the call. :-)

We've also been getting ready for the big Grand Opening Crop on Feeling Scrappy on May 4th. I hope you can join in the fun! There will be lots of games and challenges and prizes to win!

Recital is in two weeks. I am always so happy to have it over with, what with all the extra rehearsals and chaos that goes with getting ready. But I LOVE the recitals. My twirly girlies make me so proud!

Just wanted to say hi! I'm still alive and kicking, honest!


Exciting news!

I have been invited to be on the Concept Team of a brand new scrappy site! I am thrilled because the owner is not only my friend, but my inspiration in all things scrappy! Some of you may already know Jayne from other boards and if you do, then you know what I'm talking about! If not, then I would encourage you to visit her blog over the next couple of days, because she's GIVING STUFF AWAY!!! All you have to do is comment on her blog and your name will go into a drawing for free stuff! Well, she probably can say it better than I, so here's the link. And if you tell her that I sent you, I might get some brownie points! :-D


My Space

No, not the website! I don't have one of those, but this is my scrappy space. I haven't been able to visit it much in recent weeks, but today, I went in and just sat. Looked around. Looked out the window at the pretty crab apple tree that nearly obscures all view. Thought about how lucky I am to have my own space to create and think in. Thought about how much scrapbooking has enriched my life in so many ways, including having all my online scrappy friends who share my passion and teach me things every day. Not just scrappy things either. A really lovely, caring community. I feel blessed. Thank you, friend. :-)


Turn around

"Where are you going my little one, little one
Where are you going my baby my own
Turn around and you’re two,
turn around and you’re four
Turn around and you’re a young girl going out of my door."
I'm feeling a little meloncholy today. I just got an email from Megan that said she's going to stay at school and take summer classes. She didn't even ask. She's just doing it.
This photo was taken last weekend after our whirlwind shopping trip, finding a dress for her formal next weekend. Wasn't it just yesterday that I was taking her to Gymboree?
I'm so proud to have raised a beautiful, smart, independent young lady, but it just went by TOO FAST. :-(


Last "photo before the photos" pic

It was a wicked week of photo sessions, with so many costume changes, hairdos, makeovers, gathering of shoes and batons and the various hairbows. Iyiyi! I always forget to budget for the $20. each photo package and this year was no exception. I try to keep Glen out of the loop on this bit of info. LOL The recital is in 5 weeks and we are READY! :-)



Wowwie! Thanks for all the super nice emails commenting on my Fun, Fun, Fun layout! It was really fun to do. Here's the sketch that was my inspiration. I had made it a while back in anticipation of lots of pool photos. I modified it somewhat to fit even more photos than this sketch shows.
I'm so grateful to all the wonderful artists out there who inspire me on a daily basis and am only too happy that I am able to return the favor occassionally. :-)


I got happy mail!

Gotta love scrappy friends who appreciate the finer things in life, like foam stamps, and send you goodies they know you'll love! Michelle from TSS sent me some foam stamps and you gotta know! I love those things!!! I had to try them out RIGHT AWAY, so here is a layout I just finished using the Fun, Fun, Fun stamp. I'm sure I'll try them all out very soon, but this one was perfect for my pool photos of the girls. Thanks again, Michelle! :-)


More photos

Here are a couple of photos from today before the recital photo shoot. This costume is one for the cloggers. Iyiyi! The skirts were delivered in a small ziplock baggie. I had to IRON! Ironing is NOT in my job description! Do you SEE all the pleats? Anyway, it's done and my twirly girlies are beautiful. :-) I LOVE scrapping dance photos!!! More photos to come on Thursday!


April is here!

And you know what THAT means! Costumes and photos and recitals, oh my! Such excitement this time of year is around here! There is little else that gives me such pride and joy as seeing my twirly girlies performing. :-) This week is picture week and here are a couple of todays photos before the photos. LOL More to come this week!