One Word

My friend Tams posted this on her blog, and ONLY because I'm trying to put off folding laundry am I here posting. :-P

Where is your cell phone? purse
Your significant other? work
Your hair? curly
Your mother? shrug
Your father? shrug
Your favorite thing? hobby
Your dream last night? shrug
Your favorite drink? coffee
Your dream/goal? boat
What room are you in? bedroom
Your hobby? scrapping
Your fear? cancer
Where do you want to be in 6 years? boat
Where were you last night? home
Something that you aren't? patient
Muffins? cranberry
Wish list item? cleaner
Last thing you did? dishes
What are you wearing? tshirt
TV? off
Your pets? silly
Friends? special
Your life? hectic
Your mood? tired
Missing Someone? Megan
Drinking? yes
Smoking? yes
Your car? Chevy
Something you're not wearing? jewelry
Your favorite store? Hobby Lobby
Your favorite color? depends
When is the last time you cried? shrug
Who will resend this? Terri
Where do you go to over and over? grocery store
Five people who email me regularly? Stacey, Terri, Glen, Megan, Karen
My favorite place to eat? Olive Garden
Favorite place I'd like to be at right now? beach
Four people I think will respond: Terri, because she's nice, Stace, because she needs to update her blog, LOL, Karen and Lois.


Scrap Friday creations

These are the first photos of the new year that I've scrapped. Interesting that they're all about furry animals, as opposed to the other kind that live in my house. LOL I'm still trying to figure out the new camera, so bear with my blurry photos. :-/

For the Birds

I really hate this layout, but after staring at it all week, I slapped it in my scrapbook and called it done. But the photos of Lickety Split crack me up! Can you see how annoyed she was? She just layed there while I kept piling on rocks and leaves and a lighter and other stuff on top of her. :-D

Piss off a cat

And this was for a stash challenge. The ribbon was from a kit I got a few months ago, the transparency is one that Colleen sent me for my birthday last year and I even used old CM card stock. I used REALLY OLD foam stamps to paint the little circles on, and umm, an old Page Maps sketch from last year some time. The only thing new is the font that I downloaded from the Internet, the paper that Terri sent me last month and that little pin sticking in the ribbon.

Winter Blues

Thanks for looking and I hope y'all have a very scrappy week! :-)


Friday creations

I was particularly productive for Scrap Friday yesterday, not sure why. I even liked most of the layouts, which is always an added bonus. LOL TFL!



Please keep dear little Ellie and her family in your hearts and prayers.


More layouts

I am loving Websters Pages! For these layouts, I combined Webster Pages with paper and embellies from the MM Fa La La, sent to me by my friend Terri. Thanks again girlie! :-)

Waiting for Santa

Hugs for Grandpa


Scrap Friday!

I love my scrap Fridays! So far, I've created two layouts. I can't show you one yet, but you'll be able to see it on Everyday Elements soon! :-)

But this one was a total lift of the very talented Stacy Cohen. The minute I saw her layout, I knew I had to try lifting it! This is probably the longest I've ever worked on a layout, but I'm completely happy with myself. LOL


Thanks for coming by! I hope y'all have a fabulous weekend! :-)


Check it out!


New idea!

So I was thinking... :ruh roh: LOL

I had several people playing along with the YITL challenges, but they weren't able to share their cards easily, sooo, I was trying to think of a way we could have a place to share. Awhile back, my good friend Terri set up a Ning forum for me and I hadn't used it, until now. So here's the deal, we're going to use it! :-)

If you know how this works, it's sort of like a MySpace, only not. It's a whole community kind of thing, where you can upload your photos and look at others photos. We can also have interaction with each other as well by starting discussions and such.

So, what do you think? It's a private community so until I approve your request, all you will be able to see is the main page. You can sign up here:

O'Scrappy Day


YITL project completed!

For those of you who have followed me on my blog for a couple of years, you know that a minute after my oldest daughter left for college, I wiped the tear and started moving furniture. :-D That is when I made my scrap room. I'm very proud of it because I did it all by myself. Even my hubby was in shock when he got home that weekend and everything was done. He wondered if he had a room too. Umm, no honey, you have to wait until the next one leaves. LOL

Anyway, I painted the walls a light peach color with blue accents, to remind me of the beach. :-) I had the hardest time finding a window treatment and in fact, it proved impossible. So thats when I came up with the idea to do a weekly challenge to make these Year in the Life cards and make my own meaningful window treatment.

After arranging and rearranging the cards about a bazillion times, this is what I came up with. There was one space on the bottom row at the end so I made a "title card" of sorts. :-) (Sorry for the crappy pics, the lighting is terrible today and I don't know how to use my new Nikon D80 yet. Reading the manual is on the to do list this week.)

YITL title

And the finished product! :-)

YITL completed

Thanks again for all the words of encouragement and support! I love my scrappy friends! :-)


Book of Me challenge 1

I hope this new challenge will inspire you to create a treasure for your future generations! I'll be here to help you every step of the way!

Although we won't go in chronological order, the beginning seems a logical place to start. In addition to title pages in my BOM, I also have dedication pages, a love letter of sorts to my family. You may want to work on these for your album as well. Here are the ones in my albums:


Title 2


The challenge this month is to create a timeline of your life. A simple Google search will bring up many websites to help you "remember" what events have happened in your lifetime. For my birth year, I included average prices of gas, milk, homes and cars. In addition to major national events, I've included major personal events such as getting married, having children, buying our first home, etc. Here is the page I did several years ago:

When I was...

As you can see, I haven't left enough room for being older than 45, so I will be revamping this entire page. LOL

I hope y'all have a wonderful time with your trip down memory lane. :-) You have until Jan. 30th to send me your layout to Mi4Angels@aol.com.

OH! I almost forgot! Wanna see the prize this month? Do ya, huh, huh, do ya? :-D

January RAK

The winner will be chosen using a point system. I have a list of items I'm looking for on a layout, which of COURSE I'm not telling you what they are. They are common items that I'm sure all of us have. The winner will be the person who has the highest number of points using these items.

Good luck and have FUN! I look forward to seeing your creations! :-)


New year, new challenge

My poor Book of Me has been neglected. I know there are a hundred websites out there with these kind of challenges, but if I do it on my blog, it'll keep me accountable. LOL Do I need to lecture y'all on the importance of a YOU album? Nah, I didn't think so. Don't make me do it! :-D

So, I'm going to do one challenge a month. Not hard, right? And then as an added bonus, I'm going to choose a monthly winner who will win a little RAK, just a teeny tiny little one, but a goodie none-the-less and post your layout on my blog.

So? who'll play with me? I'll be posting the first challenge this weekend. Get ready! :-)