Twiddleybitz gates

I purchased four of the Twiddleybitz gates because one of dh's clients is The Iron Door Company and I thought they would be perfect for his career album! And tis true, as you can see, I placed the Twiddleybitz gate over a photo of an actual iron door.



Here's the first gate I altered, but dh didn't like it, he said it wasn't right. :rolling eyes: So I used it in a shadowbox. "I" think it's just right. :-D


Check out the Twiddleybitz DT blog for a fun challenge this weekend!


First swim day of 09

It was a beautiful day, sunny and 75 degrees. After working all day yesterday to get the pool in good shape, today we all enjoyed the day by the pool swimming and getting sunburned. Although the outside temp was quite warm, the water temp was a brisk 60 degrees. But it's always a race to see who's the first one brave enough to get in. Peyton came downstairs dressed for breakfast but under the dress was the swimsuit. She psyched everyone out and was officially the first one in this year. LOL Here are a few photos from today. Thanks for stopping by! :-)






Wow, it's been two weeks since my last post. Time flies when you're having fun, and fun I've been having! I guess I have a lot of layouts to show! But first, I want to thank my awesome friends for the wonderful birthday wishes. I appreciate you more than words can say. :-) It's also one day during the year that I can count on to talk to my brother. I know when it's March 18th and the phone rings at 6 a.m., it's my brother calling to wish me a happy birthday, which makes me happy. :-)

Okay, on to the layouts. I've done these as challenges at various sites, and this finishes up all the snow pics I had developed. I couldn't choose just a few photos to scrap, so I have several pages of snow in my album now. LOL

I apologize for the small size, but for some reason, Blogger cuts off the larger sizes.

Here's one of Peyton listening to Grandpa tell the story about his memories of the first time he went sledding. :-)

I remember

Peyton made a snowman. It was small, but it was a snowman just the same and she was very pleased with herself! LOL

Wanted:  Magic Hat

Catching snowflakes on their tongues, I called this one Kisses from Heaven. :-)


And last but not least, my friend Terri sent me this photo of her granddaughter Jilli who was diagnosed last year with diabetes. She had t-shirts made for the "Fund the Cure" walk they were in. I scrapped two versions and one will be going to Terri, as soon as she tells me which one she likes best. ;-)

Rocker babe


Thanks for stopping by, and I'll try to do better about updating! :-)


I'm in the mood

for scrapping! Amazing what a few snow photos can do for ones mojo! LOL Here are a few that I've done this week.

This one is of our retarded animals. They can't stand each other, but they're always in each others 2 foot square. LOL

Together Furever

These are photos of my family taking walks in the snow. :-)

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

And this one, I played with the action setting on my new camera and got about 20 shots of Peyton "sledding" down our front yard in rapid succession. I used about half of them by cropping to 2" and overlapping to line up focal points in the photos.


I've got another layout about finished, but tomorrow is another day. Thanks for looking! :-)


Snow Day

So, this photo merited a second post today. LOL Isn't this CRAZY? And three hours later? Sunny and 50 degrees and all the snow was gone. PERFECT snow day, if you ask me! :-D


And one of my favorite things to take a photo of is the tree outside my scrap room window. Remember the layout I did recently with all the raindrops on the buds? Here is today.

Scrap room window

I took over 200 photos with my new Nikon D 80 today. I'm uploading now and how fun will it be to scrap these photos while everyone else is scrapping SPRING?? LOL

Happy March


Which just so happens to be the day that we have our first sticking snow. Yay me. Can you sense my excitement? LOL Hopefully I'll get some good pics out of it anyway.

A couple of things... I've taken the Feedjit thingie off my blog. It was interesting for awhile to see where my readers came from, but I don't appreciate being stalked through it, so I've removed it.

I'm sad to say there was not one layout submitted for my sketch challenge. I will, however, be pulling a name from the ladies who were nice enough to leave feedback and will contact the winner tomorrow, whomever it may be.

I will post the new Book of Me challenge later, so be sure to check on the O'Scrappy Day board for that!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :-)