This is why

Jews shouldn't be allowed to make Christmas decorations! LOL Oh, go ahead,laugh! It's funny! :-D I thought I'd surprise the hubs by making these and putting them on the mantle. Uh, yea, NOT happening.

This is what it was SUPPOSED to look like:


LOL! Yea, it's in the trash. Kinda makes the argument for using a scorer.

Here are a couple of other holiday projects I finished. Grams Hanukkah card, complete with pop up dreidel in the middle! She'll love it, after all, she's 97 years old. I could scribble on a piece of paper and she'd love it. The most important thing will be on the inside, a photo of her first great, GREAT grandson. :-)

And this {what would you call this?} tag for a challenge on Challenge Masters. I decided to turn it into a wine bottle gift tag? Sure, we'll go with that uber long name. Of course, I don't know any Jews in real life, so I guess I'll have to give this bottle of wine to ME! LOL

My friend Amy Bender sent me some VERY cool Savor from LYB. I neglected chores because I couldn't wait to get into it! Thank you Amy! :-)

Thank you all very much for your hugs and condolences. I appreciate you all! :-) Thanks for stopping by and if I don't get a chance to come back before next Thursday, I wish all of my scrappy friends a very bountiful and joyous Thanksgiving. Hug the ones you're with!


Letter to Bob

I want you to know what a privledge and an honor it was to have you share the last 10 years of our lives with us. As you know, I haven't had a relationship with my father for the last 22 years, and to have you as that role model is more special to me than I could ever express. I hope you know that, you ARE my father. Thank you for being that to me and accepting me as such. I love you and have always felt loved in return. I'm thankful that you've shared the growing up of our children, we've had some experiences, haven't we, and all the times you reminded me that children are a joy and I always asked, WHEN? I see now, with Aydens arrival, it's a circle. We all miss you, but know that you are getting the best care possible.

Sending lots of hugs and love always,


My father in law passed away this afternoon at 4:30. He lived a long and amazing life. He served his country in 3 wars flying airplanes, and raised 6 children while married to the love of his life for 64 years. One can't ask for much more than that! His legacy lives on in his children and their children and their children... He is at peace now and while we are saddened at his passing, we are thankful for the time we had with him. He was an exceptional human being.

Thank you all for reading all my crazy rants, sending prayers and hugs and generally just being my friends. I love you all for that. :-)


Lotsa layouts

NOW I can show y'all what I've been busy doing. :-D Today is Week 2 reveal of challenges at Challenge Masters, including my challenge. Here's my layout showing a breakfast item, using a sketch at A Million Memories.

And another using the same recipe for the Cookbookin' sketch challenge...

And just in case you haven't had your fill of pumpkin pancakes, here's another I did using the color challenge at Birds of a Feather...

And a few others for various challenges on Challenge Masters. Those divas really rocked the challenges this month, I hope you'll come check them out! :-)

Back to the scrappy table for me! I hope y'all have a scrappy week as well!


Read all about it!

Ch{all}enge Masters has gotten a facelift! Lots of other changes as well, not the least of which is Suzanna Lee has been promoted to Design Diva Leader. Lord knows, with that many divas, we needed some whipping into shape! LOL Also, the uber talented Colette Bate has joined the team. Y'all think I'M crazy? SHE'S got me beat! :-D All of the week 1 challenges are up and I've been a scrapping fool, those challenges are amazing! And guess what? Guess who got a new job at Ch{allenge} Masters? ME! For the next few months, I'll be challenging everyone to appreciate the everyday things in the new challenge called "A Day in the Life." And the icing? Guess who the sponsor is this month? Naw, I'm not telling, run over and tell them I sent ya! Unless you don't WANT them to know I sent you, totally understandable, just come on over and say "Hi, I don't know Suzanne!" LOL Things are really picking up, come on over for tons of EXTRA chances to win the fabulous prize! Cya there!!!


Lotsa stuff

Am I the only one who had a total brain fart about falling back an hour today? We were all rushing around at 9 a.m. trying to get Caitlyn out the door and to work on time, only to find out she was an hour early. She was mad. And it messed with me the entire day. But, tomorrow is Monday! YAY!!!

I'm so, so, so, so excited! Next month, the hubs is treating the family to a performance of the Trans Siberian Orchestra!!! {insert excited jumping up and down guy here} We've been wanting to do it for years, but time and/or money always got in the way. No cameras allowed, but we'll make lifetime memories anyway!

Guess what else? Today, as I was at Walgreens picking up photos? They were putting all their Christmas candy out! YAY again! I still love me some mint M & Ms, but my new fav is the Hershey's candy cane kisses. I wish I didn't have to unwrap each one individually, then I could eat them much faster! LOL

And, I was going to share some layouts, but backed up my photos yesterday and apparently removed everything up to Nov. 1st, so, I just have a couple to share until I can copy them back to my computer again. Sigh.

Funny how a girl who takes zillions of photos of herself gets so aggravated when I take a couple of very important events, such as this. This was the first time she drove BY HERSELF. I had to get the photos, right? At least I didn't follow her in my car, like I did when my first born took her first bus ride to school. :-D I handcut the word GOES in the title and the little heart "button" on the right side using a paint sample from Home Depot, which is why the hubs won't take me along anymore. Good thinking, huh! LOL

This one is for the stash challenge on Paper Whores. Jen challenged us to complete a project that had been started. Well, guess what? I didn't have any! But, I found this in my paper holder...

So, I finished cutting and rolling and used it. I LOVE these photos. Not that the photos are great, but the story is. We surprised Caitlyn at work with her dream car. The journaling says that we loaded up the entire family, bought two bags worth of groceries and had her carry them out to the car for us. She was embarrassed and thought we were silly, since it was just two bags. That's the first photo. Then, she sees me in the parking lot and is wondering "why is mom standing by the car?" And then realization sets in, I'm standing by HER car. (with the camera, of course! LOL) She cried, I cried, we were a mess I tell ya! :-)

The first challenge is up at Kitchen Keepsake! The deadline for the DT Contest is Wednesday night. Y'all have heard it before, but WOW, there are some talented ladies who are going to make the decision process difficult! Come on over and give them some lovin' and get some yummy recipes to boot! :-)

Last but not least, the new challenges are up at Ch{all}enge Masters. Come check them out AND the new facelift!

I'll be back later this week, after I track down the layouts that I removed from my hard drive. LOL Have a scrappy week! :-)


Happy November!

I love this paper line from Cookbookin'! Very festive for Thanksgiving! Can you believe it? THANKSGIVING! Seems like I just posted my January calendar this year.

My mood is a little more upbeat than the last time I posted. It's been one week nicotine free and I haven't ripped anyones lips off. LOL I DID, however, spend the money that I saved in smokes and invested in some MLYB Savor! Just a little reward for my stick-to-it-tiveness. :-D

I finished up a couple of layouts, but I don't have pics uploaded yet, so that'll give me a good excuse to update again soon. Don't forget about the DT Contest that starts this Friday on Kitchen Keepsake! I hope y'all come over to play. Don't make me lecture again about the importance of recipe albums! LOL

See ya soon! :-)