Happy almost March!

Uhhh, yeah... February just zoomed by.  That's my excuse... 

We found the perfect Chefs for the Kitchen, Shelly and Carmen.  They are awesomely talented designers and we are thrilled to have them! 

Shelly posted some culinary Muse.  Who thinks of this stuff?  Shelly, THAT'S who!  She challenged us to print a photo using the "washout" function in MS Word.  Really!  I never, ever would have known about that function, but here is what I came up with.

Seriously cool, thanks for the tutorial Shelly!

And I know it's not March, but since I've been such a bad blogger, I'll share with you my March calendar a day early.  LOL  I used Janet's Kitchen Sink Stash challenge, but it's not posted until tomorrow, so shhhh... don't tell her I sneaked it up here. 


Tomorrow is new challenge day at Kitchen Keepsake, so come on over and say hi!