My letter to Gateway

I rarely take time to write letters, mostly because I rarely have reason to. Customer service is a lost art these days, in my opinion. But when I am wowwed, I do feel moved to let SOMEone know. My recent letter to Gateway is one example.


"I wanted to share with you my recent experience with your company and tell you how that contrasts with another experience I had with another company.

I am now the proud owner of a Gateway laptop and have been for a few years. Last week, I started having problems with the DC port and my laptop would not remain charging. I was so upset, because I had had the same problem in the past with a Sony Vaio and knew that it was going to be considered a “major repair”, read, costly repair.

When I had called Sony, they told me “major repairs” started at $699. When I told them that I could buy a new laptop for that, they said, “Yes, you could.” So I did. I bought a Gateway and sent Sony a letter telling them that.

Thus my apprehension about calling Gateway, but call I did and am so happy I did! Your tech support team was extremely professional, friendly and helpful. They overnighted a box via DHL for me to send my laptop in and on Monday, my computer was on its way to you for repairs. Imagine my surprise when DHL delivered my laptop on THURSDAY, of the same week! I can not tell you how happy I was to have my computer back home, safe and sound, and FIXED, and for under $250!

I wanted you to know what a pleasant experience I had with your tech support team and that I am and will continue to be a loyal Gateway customer."


And do you know what Gateway did? They sent me a letter back! For no reason, other than thanking me for my support. AWESOME! :-)


  1. what a great experience to have after the other one. I blogged a bit about my recent experience when it happened but I may give a more detailed account.

  2. Wow. You're right...good customer service is hard to come by these days! So glad everything worked out for you!

  3. so glad everything worked out for you...it is nice when you can find good customer service