Escape to the beach!

If I were to escape, my first choice would always be the beach. There are just sometimes when its not feasible to go, so I listen to "On the Beach" by Chris Rhea and it puts me in the beach frame of mind. :-)

YITL challenge #9


Post the link to your card here when you're finished. I can't wait to see your cards! :-)


Caitlyn will kill me...

for posting this layout. She has always hated this photo, but it really did need to go in her toddler to teen album. :-D


Cup a Joe, anyone?

Behold! My favorite appliance EVER! Our Keurig K-Cup coffee maker!

It's the first appliance I use every day, and several times per day. See that little silver handle in the middle on the top? That is where you pop in a K Cup, which we buy online at Coffeecow.com. It has several settings, depending on how strong you want it. One cup at a time, always hot and fresh! We also buy tea and hot chocolate for the kiddos. I can't wait til we can afford the several hundred dollar version thats plumbed! No more filling up the water container! :-)


Blog challenge # 9

What is your favorite household appliance? Why? We want details! Include a photo if you can.


Can you believe it?

Not ONE.STINKIN'.PHOTO of Caitlyns and my trip to New Orleans on Saturday! Now my whole entire Project 365 is ruined and I only made it to Feb. 22nd. I even had not one, but TWO cameras with me! :-P

A funny story on my oldest daughter Megan, who arrived home from college with oodles of laundry... She asked Glen, "where's Mom?" So Glen explained that we had left early that morning for an audition for Nickelodean in New Orleans, and Megan said "OMG! Caitlyn is getting her own SHOW???" Bless her heart, I guess I need to talk to her more than once a day. :-D

Thanks for all your well wishes for Caitlyn. She is super excited, I am super proud and I will definitely keep you posted! :-)


My "Friend" card

I'm really not happy with this card because theres so much more to say than I could possibly fit on this card. So I'm going to say it here. :-) First the card...

Working with this word caused me to reflect, a LOT. Tams is without question the best friend anyone could ask for. Why? Because she puts up with me, warts and all. She tells me the truth without sugar coating stuff. She is my reality check and has been for over 10 years now.

In reflecting, I was able to see my warts clearly. The saying "you reap what you sow" rings true to me. In hindsight, I have treated friends poorly. Some of it is a control issue for me. Some of it is taking for granted the gift of friendship that was given. Although I am one who thinks that everything happens for a reason, I feel an overwhelming desire to apologize to my friends whom I have been hurtful to in the past. If you are here reading, I hope that you can find it in your hearts to forgive me.

Tams teaches me new things constantly. Doing my card for her today also taught me to be more appreciative of the friends I have and to try to remember that I do, indeed, reap what I sow.

Thank you for always being there for me, my friend. :-)

YITL challenge #8


Some ideas are using a favorite quote, song or movie title, or about a real life friend. Mine is about the latter, which I will post a little later. ;-)

When you complete your card, please comment here with a link to your blog to show your card. Have fun! :-)


Scrapdango Giveaway!

I am thrilled and honored that Scrapdango is sponsoring a giveaway on their site to promote my Year in the Life challenge! The owner, Carrie, is offering a Maya Road lunchbox tin to ANY AND ALL who have completed all the challenges to date. If you haven't been keeping up, it's not hard to catch up, since the cards are meant to take 15 minutes or less to create. (Its okay if it takes you longer, they're your cards, but it really shouldn't. ;-) )Here are the rules to get your very own tin!

1. Complete your cards (5 x 7 or smaller). Challenges can be found on the right hand side of this blog and for those who haven't started yet, the original post is HERE.

2. Join the Scrapdango board which is an exciting place to chat with scrappy ladies!

3. Upload your cards to the Scrapdango gallery, or link to your blog. Don't forget this, we want to see your creations and leave some lovin'!

4. Once you've reached Dango Lover posting status (350 posts), Carrie will mail you your Maya Road lunchbox tin!

There! Doesn't that sound fun!!! You get to be creative, meet and enjoy great ladies and win a cool prize!

And a HUGE thank you to Carrie for her generosity! :-)


Ten years from now

me and my man will be living aboard our 55 ft. Chris Craft Constellation. Retired or not, it really won't matter, because we will be living our dream. I will be 55 and my children will come to visit us, but then leave. :-D We will sail to wherever our hearts desire, starting with the Florida Keys. I will have my own scrap room on board, with satellite Internet, so I can surf the web as well as the seas. I can't wait! :-)

Blog challenge # 8

Complete this paragraph. "Ten years from now, I..."


It's been awhile

since I've shared a layout, so I thought it was high time! :-D

This one is for my 13 year old daughters "toddler to teen" album.

This layout is for my Book of Me.

And this one is for the family album. I can not believe this is my 11 year old! FAINT!

I'll be back in a couple of days with a new blog challenge! :-)



YITL challenge #7


Oh happy day! When you complete your card, please comment here with a link to your blog to show your card. :-)


If I were a store...

which one would I be... The one that best describes me now is Wal-Mart. The one stop shop. Need socks? Food? Oil change? Eye exam? Pool chemicals? Yep, it's all right there, very convenient like. Gotta love that! But someday, my life will slow down and I'll be able to browse, slowly, throught the aisles of... Wal-Mart. They probably have more than I even know about and besides, you can't take the frugal out of the girl. :-)


Blog challenge # 7

What store best represents what type of person you are right now? Are you a Macy's or Wal-Mart type of person? Do you wish you were a different store? Take any direction you'd like; either where you shop in real life or comparing your personality to a particular store. Have fun with it!


Two recipes to share

There is very little in the way of food (or anything else, for that matter! LOL) that I'm "famous" for, but sweet potato pie is in my job description each Thanksgiving. Following is an early scrapbook page that I did and is in my recipe album. Here's another recipe for you: Suzanne + cooking = castastrophe. :-D


My "Love" card

YITL challenge #6


Show me the love! When you complete your card, please comment here with a link to your blog to show your card. :-)


Latest creation

...and I can't tell you how I tormented over it. I really loved this photo of my then 3 year old daughter, and knew the grungeboard wings HAD to go on this layout. I was petrified of screwing it up! The sketch from 52 sketches was great inspiration, but wasn't enough. The girlies on ScrapDango helped me immensely as step by step they suggested things for me to try. (A wacky and wonderful bunch, BTW!) So, it's done, and I'm so glad I didn't "ruin" it! LOL Thanks to everyone who inspired me! :-)


Blog challenge # 6

Share a recipe that you're "famous" for and a photo if you can. Write about how it became yours and any other story about the recipe that you'd like to share.


YITL challenge #5


When you complete your card, please comment here with a link to your blog to show your card.

This was a tough one for me. The first thing that red made me think of was anger, then energy. I have neither of those things. But when I really thought about it, I mean REALLY HARD thought about it, it popped right into my head! I'll bet y'all can guess! What am I always taking pictures of and have an unusual fascination for? Remember my Heavenly Bamboo with the RED berries? I was really please with myself thinking of that! THIS is what this challenge is all about, a slice of life. So, without further ado, here is my RED card...

Have fun and I can't wait to see what y'all come up with! :-)