I'm a winner!

Yep, Robin even said so! So, do you remember awhile back when I posted about my scrappy friends and how great they are and what a wonderful online community there is? Once again, I'm proved right! (Gosh, I just LOVE it when I'm right! LOL) And not just because Robin sent me this wonderful RAK, but because of the newest post on her blog. I'm telling you, it gives me chill bumps! Hugs to you Robin! Okay, onto the goods! WOW! Can you believe this? When she said she was going to draw a name and send a RAK JUST for reading her blog, I figured a little something, thoughtful, sweet... but NO! She meant BUSINESS! Look at this! I was totally blown away by her generosity, rewarding me just for being nosy! LOL Love you Robin, and all my scrappy friends. I feel truly blessed! :-)


Prima storage

Yesterday was my first trip to World Market. Wow! How come I didn't know about this place? Anyway, I was with a group of homeschool moms that I either had never met or hadn't seen in awhile.

So, we're walking around and in the BBQ section, I come across these cute little stainless containers (meant for the grill, I guess?). They had clear lids and magnets on the bottom. IMMEDIATELY, I told Peyton, "go get me one of those cookie sheets." I start plastering the cookie sheet with these containers. The ladies are all standing their with their mouths open and finally one said, "WHAT are you doing?" :-D

I came home and THIS is what I did with them!


Latest creation

I have been a scrapping fool! Okay, so my house doesn't look so good. Oh well. I can deal with it. LOL

I got some new stamps by Purple Onion Designs and love them on my calendars! I've already made each month through December! And here is an American Crafts album that I altered using a Rhonna Farrar paper kit for my Book of Us project that I'm starting. I decided to put the title page on the cover of the album. :-)


Good news vs bad news

I do SO much better handling good news than bad. (I know, who doesn't? LOL) A few weeks ago, one of my best friends lost her grandson to drowning. This week dawned a new day. She is newly engaged to a wonderful, kind, caring man. She has finally met the man she deserves; one who treats her like a princess, makes her laugh, is her intellectual equal and generally makes her happy. Sweetie, I wish you a lifetime of laughter and love! And I better be invited to the wedding, even if it will be in Jamaica! LOL


Christmas in July!

Ohmygosh, I'm SO EXCITED! Remember LAST year I said, "I'm going to make all my own holiday cards!"? Yea, I even went out and bought special cool stamps and stuff? I never quite got there. I made ONE. Y'all? I want ALL my friends and family to have special cards this year! SO, Feeling Scrappy is offering Holiday Hustle! I truly, truly, truly can't tell you how excited I am about this! I will have all of my holiday cards done by August!!! Lots of other cool stuff too, like tags and maybe an ornament or gift or something! Then the trick will be remembering where I PUT them in December... LOL