Two more days!

Thats how long you have to join in the fun on the Scrap for a Cure forum. I'll be hosting a game for a chance at a fun RAK! If you've already joined, THANKS! :-D

Also two days until the full reveal of my layouts! Even though I've completed the requirements for my DT assignment, I'm STILL working with product from the kit. I'm telling ya! This kit was jam packed with scrappy goodness!!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week! :-)


I'm a chef!!!

Toot! Toot! I'm so thrilled to announce that I've been chosen to be on the first ever Creative Cookbooking design team! This is a perfect fit for me, because as y'all know, one of my favorite creative outlets is working on recipe albums for my girls. :-)

The first challenge is up, so I hope you'll click over and check us out! :-)


Scrap for a Cure creations!

Ta DAH! I am proud to present my creations for the Scrap for a Cure October kit, Autumn Breeze!! Without further ado...

:commence wild cheering and clapping:

Aren't they beautiful! Look at the rich colors, look at the fun embellishments, look at the... whats that? You can only see part of them? Huh. Well, unfortunately, I won't have time until October 1st to fix the pics.

HA! Gotcha! Hey, give a girl a break, would ya? It's my first ever guest design team gig and if I can't have a little fun with my friends, who then? ;-D

By the way, you'll want to bookmark the Scrap for a Cure blog because starting October 12th, I'll be the guest blogger as well! I'll have a fun tutorial for you, and maybe some other stuff too. I guess it depends on how sick of me Diana and Patti and their team are of me by then. :-D

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate you, my scrappy friends! :-)


Layouts to share

No, these are NOT my Scrap for a Cure layouts, you'll have to wait for the peeks that are coming soon. I used all my new photos for those layouts, so I'm back "in the box" again.

This photo is of my three oldest children, who are now 20, 19 and 15. But they are STILL silly. LOL

And one of Caitlyn when she was 3 years old. Love those curls! (And she still has those curls if she wouldn't use a flat iron. :rolling eyes: )

Thanks for all the input on Facebook. I think for now, I'm good. I'm online enough as it is and don't need another time sucker. And I figure it's just one more avenue for the chillens to ask for stuff from me. LOL If I'm ever looking for anybody, I'll keep it in mind.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope y'all have a scrappy weekend!


It's almost October!

And you know what that means, right? It's almost my turn to be the guest designer for Scrap for a Cure!

That means I want all my friends to come play with me on the forum! Currently, Amy Bender and I are having a tantalizing conversation about Lucky Charms, but there are lots of other interesting things there including challenges and a DT call. C'mon, the link is right here ---> Scrap for a Cure

I've been scrapping, but of course, I can't show you yet! But you CAN get a sneaky peek of what I'm working WITH when you come over to the forum! :-D See you over there!


Facebook anyone?

Megan has given me permission to have one now. Isn't that nice of her? :-D At this point, I think I'm the only person on the face of the planet that doesn't have one, am I right? LOL So, my scrappy friends, can I continue living without one? You tell me... whats great about it? Why do I "need" one? Enlighten me! :-D



Last month Get It Scrapped had some fun blog challenges, so although I'm almost a month late with the challenge, I thought I'd update since I don't have any layouts to share. Maybe next week...

Today I am looking out my scrap room window and all the birdies frolicking in the crab apple tree in the rain.
Today I might cook absolutely nothing!
Today I am reading absolutely nothing!
Today my biggest priority is making sure my birthday girls have a great day!
Today I hope to see the sunshine.
Today I hope to talk to Stace.
Today I have already seen/talked to noone! It's 6 a.m.! LOL
Today I am watching a bunch of giggling girls spend their birthday loot at the mall.
Today I am dreaming that maybe I'll have some scrap time next week!
Today I am wearing nothing! Oh, just KIDDING! LOL Probably jeans and a t-shirt.
Today my mood is great! So far... But it's early, I'll bet later my mood will be exhausted. LOL
Today I am going to get to see Megan! I miss her so much!

Exciting stuff, right? LOL I hope all of my scrappy friends have a wonderful weekend! :-)


Scrap Friday, finally!

It's been too long since I've spent a whole Friday scrapping! It felt great! I got 2 layouts done and 2 birthday cards for my girlies who both have birthdays next week. :-)

This first layout is about Peyton's new custom designed Converse. Gotta love 12 year olda! LOL

And this one is about what our Saturdays will be like for the rest of this year. :-D

More to come soon, I hope! Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend! :-)


BOM rant and rave

O.M.G. Am I excited! YES! I am!

For those of you who have been visiting my blog for years, you already know how I feel about my Book of Me albums. They are SO important, for so many reasons. I’ll go into my diatribe after I tell you that I'm part of the team at Its All About Me! Could there be a more perfect fit? I think not!

Its All About Me is a brand new challenge forum, so come on over and join me! I will thank you and so will your future generations! (Yes, here it comes, again. LOL) If you haven’t started a Book of Me, you totally SHOULD! Are you missing in action in your albums? Will all the important family stories be retold accurately after you’re gone? (Yes, guess what, you’re not immortal. LOL)

Be sure YOUR story is told by starting a Book of Me for YOU. It's more precious than you think, and will be a gift from you for generations to come. Think about if your great great grandmother had scrapped her life, you'd possess a treasure! THAT is what your great greats will feel about your BOM.

I started mine about 5 years ago and I thought it was hard at first. I didn't have many photos of me and I wasn't comfortable being the center of attention in an album. I overcame that because

1.) Your book of me is more about the STORY of you. Great if you have photos to go along, but totally not necessary. My entire first album has about 10 photos in it.

2.) I keep my BOM in my scrap room with ME. I don't display it and although my family knows it exists, they don't think about it much right now because its out of sight, out of mind.

3.) Difficult subjects, when scrapped, can be cathartic.

I am now beginning my Book of Me, Volume 3!

I really do believe a Book of Me is such a worthwhile effort! Challenges allow you time for the 4 C's: CONSIDER, COLLECT, COMPOSE, CREATE. And CREATE I do! Over time, not only have I become comfortable scrapping about me, but I allow myself a little extra creativity that isn’t seen in the family albums.

Lecture over. LOL

I do hope that you’ll join me and the wonderful ladies at Its All About Me! I've seen some of the ideas for upcoming challenges and I promise! Even if you HAVE started your Book of Me, some of the challenges will make you go "duh! what a great idea!"

C'mon, what are you waiting for? This week at Hobby Lobby, albums and page refills are 50% off. Not to enable or anything... :-D