Cool new product!

Oh my gosh, y'all! It is RARE that I get super excited about anything, but I am SOOOOO excited about THIS! Check this out! It's a scrapbook page frame! INGENIUS, I tell you! I'm going to be using my 12 x 12 frame to display my calendar pages!

You will want to get on this right away, as they are handmade by TammyMs husband and son and I'm thinking that there will be a waiting list before too long! How fun will it be to alter this frame to display special pages? Order yours HERE!


  1. Hey - I think I know those people!! LOL Glad you liked 'em Suzanne!

  2. Aren't they genious? A really smart cookie came up with that one. ;)

  3. pretty cool product! I stopped by to tell you two things. First, I chose to 'tag' you in the game of blog tag that was started by Colleen over at Scrapperie. you can read the questions on my blog http://thoughtsoftraveling.blogspot.com/ and you answer them on your blog and then add a question and tag two more people.

    The other thing is that I finished my first card from your challenge, and that, along with the box that I made to hold my cards, is also on my blog if you want to check it out. I can't wait for the next word of the week!

  4. Cool product..Thanks for sharing!


  5. this is way awesome and I definitely know I will be having hubby make me one when he gets that hand healed a bit more....