I love my truck!

Well, it didn't start OUT as my truck, but it is kind of a funny story...

DH had a vasectomy one Friday several years ago. One of the best tips ever was the bag of frozen peas trick. Yea, don't make me explain it more than that. :-D Anyway, the DAY AFTER the vas, DH needs to do something to make him feel... manly, I guess. LOL Off to the dealership we go, bag of frozen peas in hand, literally. LOL We look around and he decides on a truck. A BIG truck. The extended version even. As y'all know, from the test drive to the negotiations to the inking of the deal takes hours. After a couple of hours, DH's pain meds are wearing off and the peas are getting a little... limp. :-D So, he tells the salesperson, "thats it, I'm done. I had a vas yesterday and I'm in a little pain and I'm leaving now." We start to walk away, but now Glen has the attention of several of the salespeople and they're asking him questions... and he's getting sympathy and "I" am getting the look. You know, the one like I'M the bad guy for making him go through it. Long story short, DH gets the deal he wanted and we leave in his new truck.

Fast forward two weeks... I decide "I" like the truck and keep asking him to "borrow" it. It's been mine ever since. :-D


Blog challenge # 31

Write about a topic you are in love with. Not a person...a thing. And since most of my readers are scrapbookers, lets just say that the thing you're in love with is NOT scrapbooking. ;-)


Some recipe pages

Megan wanted her very own recipe album to take back to college with her. I suggested it would make a nice birthday gift, but NO! She wants it in SEVEN DAYS, so she can have it when she moves into her new house for the new semester. FAINT! So, I've been busy whipping out some simple pages. The spaces you see are for photos to be added later. :-)


My "Share" card

My card this week is a little redundant, a card on a card. LOL On Scrapdango, we're doing a fun little thing. A bunch of us ladies had free business cards made up at Vista Print and we're going to SHARE them with each other, after we alter the backs. I've made my card here using some of the same things that I've altered the backs with on the cards I'll be sharing with them.


YITL challenge #30


Pleare SHARE your link to your finished creation! :-D


Christmas in July

Okay, so it's not a Christmas layout, but I just really love our Hanukkah celebrations! Its tricky finding Hanukkah embellies, especially in Alabama, but I make due with confetti Stars of David and window clings. LOL That and a couple of pieces of cardstock and I called it done. Very simple, but I love the photos. :-)


Blog challenge # 30

It's Christmas in July! Post a holiday creation that you made and describe in detail the materials used and any special techniques you used.


My "Warm" card

I took a photo earlier this week of Megan enjoying her solitude, floating in the pool... no work, no little sisters, no worries. :-)

YITL challenge #29


I can't wait to see your creations! Please reply back here with a link when you're finished. :-)


Fair and Balanced

Or not. There is nothing fair or balanced about the amount of news that I have to listen to or watch every day, ALL.FREAKIN'.DAY. Father in law turns it on in the morning. He leaves it on all day, and switches between channels when the stories start to cycle. We all watch together during dinner if we're not eating at the dining room table. And then when he goes to bed, he sleeps with the news on his TV all night long.

Personally, I'm good watching 30 minutes of news in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening. How much news can a person get during a day before you start getting bummed out or depressed? I have strong opinions on the media of today... I don't like them. My news channel of preference is BBC. THEY know how to do news!

I've tried gently suggesting we find something else to watch, maybe a movie or something? A cooking show? An infomercial? The Weather Channel? ANYTHING? Please?? Pretty please, with sugar on top??? No. He likes the news. So, we watch the news, ALL FREAKIN' DAY.

The alternative is that we don't, which only means one thing, and I don't want to think about it. So, we watch the news and know that one day, we won't have to and will miss it.

And thats the way it is.


Blog challenge # 29

What's a daily activity you must do that's not one of your favorite activities? Be specific. Once you have it, write about something that is worse than whatever activity you thought of.


Project completed, for now

Thanks to Scrapbook Heavens Sketch Fest this weekend, I have caught up Peyton's Toddler to Teen album to current. It's a bittersweet accomplishment. Here are some of my completed projects from this weekend. Hope you had a scrappy weekend as well! :-)


My "White" card

Boring, huh? All I could think of for "white" was clean, and the best way in my head to show that was not "mess it up" with anything else. LOL


YITL challenge #28


Please link back to your creation when you're finished! :-)


My perfect winter day

'Nuf said. :-)

Photo courtesy of Mary on Flickr


Blog challenge # 28

How cold is too cold? Describe the perfect winter day for you.


My "Silly" card

This photo was taken a couple of days ago and isn't good enough to scrap, but I liked it because we're all in it. I took it right before we headed off for our nightly walk and we were waiting on Megan to put her make up on. Rolling eyes... Anyhoo, silly is as silly does! :-D

YITL challenge #27


Please be sure to link to your creation when you're finished! :-)


Lost and found

Lost: Mind. Last seen in Orlando area in 1988. May have been stolen by first born child. Reward of 4 children offered.

Funny, right? I remember a time not so long ago when I could make a list in my head and remember it. And along came children. And poof! Now I must resort to my day planner to remember things such as birthdays and vacations.

My friend Juls is pregnant. With TWINS. She did this on PURPOSE. And she is HAPPY about this, even though she is old, like me. LOL And it made me reflect on ME, my attitude and my children.

Anyone who knows me knows I love my children. All of them. All of the time. My children are my greatest joy and my greatest heartache. I thought being a parent meant I would mold a perfect little being into a world class citizen, but alas! My children have molded me into the person I am today, and I'm just wondering... who would I be if not for my children? I mean, if someone had TOLD me certain things, like the fact that raising babies is the EASY part of parenting and raising teenagers really does mostly suck, would I have listened? Would I have NOT had children? Probably not. So I guess I was destined to lose my mind.

So the lesson must be in what I have FOUND. I have a family who loves me, warts and all. I have learned some valuable lessons about what it means to give and to laugh and to live each day to it's fullest because life is a GIFT.

Congratulations, my friend, on your new found gifts. May they bring you all the love and laughter you deserve. :-)


Blog challenge # 27

Think about your life. Write a'want ad' or 'lost and found ad' for something personal that you normally wouldn't see in a 'want ad' or 'lost and found ad.'