Blog challenge # 5

Post an entry about a positive customer service experience you've had. Who was it with? Did you praise them on the spot? Did you go home and write a letter to the company management?


  1. So what if I haven't had any???

  2. great challenge..I will have to think on this one a bit;)

  3. I actually recently had TWO great customer service occasions!! First was M&Ms of all places! We wanted to order personalized M&Ms for my parents' 60th anniversary party. My SIL and I talked and we got mixed up on who was doing what. I called M&Ms to change our order from gift bags to just the candy. The lady was very nice and gave me a confirmation # for the new order. A few days later I realized that I didn't get a confirmation that the original order had been cancelled. So I called again only to find that the original order had NOT been cancelled and was being delivered that day. I figured I was "out" all that money and would have to just go with what we had. But the lady sweetly put me on hold and came back to tell me that she'd talked to her supervisor and that since it was their mistake, we could KEEP the wrong order AND the right one!!! I was so surprised and thanked her profusely, but I need to write a letter.

    The second incident was with Creative Options. I ordered their new brown suede large rolling tote from www.joanns.com and was quite happy when it arrived. But it just didn't seem to be working right after the second crop. So I investigated and found that the mechanism that locks the back with the collapsible handle in place was damaged. I contacted the company, they asked for pictures which I gladly sent and they SENT ME A BRAND NEW BAG!!!!!!!!!! It arrived the other day and it's perfect! I LOVE this tote!!! And they aren't asking for the original one back either! Again I need to write a letter thanking them because this kind of customer service is rare!!!

    Great idea Suzanne!!

  4. Gosh, you really got me thinking on these Suzanne~it's making my brain hurt! I updated my blog with a customer service experience. Thanks!
    Carrie, Scrapdango

  5. I'm with Carrie! You're stretching us. You're determined not just to make us think, but to make us ACT -- post a picture from THIS month, share a picture of a wall hanging that's NOT a family photo, talk about a customer service experience. Hey, THANKS for taking time to think of this, and for making them so thought-provoking. Not only are we blogging, but we're growing as people.