Baby, it's cold outside!

How cold? THIS cold...

Do you SEE the frost on the frozen reptiles body? Its as if all of a sudden, he couldn't crawl another inch and simply gave in to the freezing temps! LOL

Today was not the best day to be without a working furnace. In keeping with my goal for the new year, I tried to find the positive in it. That which does not kill us, makes us stronger. That's the best I could do! LOL But its all good now, after our awesome A/C/Heating company fixed us up. My project tonight is to get a letter together for Valley Fireplace to sing their praises! :-)

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  1. Good Grief! Now THAT'S cold. MY BIL's furnace broke on Tuesday night so he was without heat too. Stay warm!

  2. OMG Suzanne!!! I probably have some frozen lizards down here too but I haven't braved the cold to go look. :) We had wind chills in the low 30s last night in FORT LAUDERDALE!!!! Go figure! That darn global warming again. Hehe!

  3. poor little guy...stay warm you guys!

  4. Aww, poor guy. But you aren't kidding! It's BRRRRR cold! Hopefully it won't last long.