Sketchy layouts

I don't know how I managed to find the time to scrap this week at all, but using the Basic Grey Lemonade kit made it super fast to coordinate everything quickly. Nothing fancy, but done. :-)

Here is another layout based on a sketch from Stacey. I managed to use a few of the seashells we picked up from the beach. :-)

And a couple of sketches from Scrapbook Heaven. They're having a fun sketch crop this week to challenge the owner to scrap. Sounds like somebody else I know, Terri. LOL

Thanks for stopping by! I hope y'all have a very scrappy week! :-)


Sneaky weekend layout

Well, I didn't really SNEAK in my room to scrap, I just kinda went. LOL But I did manage to finish one layout today and start another. I used Graphic 45 again, which is PERFECT for my beach photos. I used Staceys sketch for inspiration. :-)

Did y'all notice the big ole banner at the top of my blog? Did ya, huh, huh, did ya? That's a huge clue as to whats coming to Creative Cookbooking next month! :-D I'm just sayin', there are HUGE prizes to be won! Cookbooking is the hottest trend, as I found out from my LSS owner yesterday. She sold me on the entire line of Cookbookin' papers, which by the way, is the whole reason I made the drive to the store. LOL Anyway, I'd love for y'all to come over and sign up for the Iron Chef competition! More details will be coming soon.

I hope y'all had a scrappy weekend, and I'll be back soon with more creations. Thanks for stopping by! :-)


More scrapiness, need ideas!

It's felt so great to spend some quality time with my scrap room! I made this layout using a sketch by Stacey. I used the Kraft boy collection and a touch of liquid glass on the airplane windows and a blanket stitch on the cloud.

Okay, this one. Ugh, what to do, what to do... looking for some suggestions here. I used Graphic 45 On the Boardwalk, which was perfect for the photo, and although this came together really quickly, I have no idea what to do with it. Do I do something for my Book of Me? Or put it in the family album with the rest of the beach layouts? It just feels weird putting layouts with only me in the family album. I'd feel more comfortable putting it in my BOM, so maybe one of my uber talented crafty friends can suggest a BOM topic.

I'll try to wait patiently for ideas, and then show you again when it's finished. But hurry! Patience is not a virtue I possess! LOL


My Pantry

The challenge on Creative Cookbooking this week has to do with your pantry. Whats in it and stuff like that. As you can see from my photo, I couldn't really tell you WHAT all is in it. LOL But it is what it is, so unlike some of the other ladies on Creative Cookbooking who used the opportunity to clean and organize their pantries, I just went with the whats happenin' now theme.

Speaking of Creative Cookbooking, we're getting ready for a big crop the last week of April. I can't give away too much, since it's a secret, (shhhh, don't tell on me!) but I can tell you that you must join the forum, and there will be PRIZES!!! Really COOL prizes, including a guest DT spot! And ME! I'll be there! (maybe, if I don't get busted for spilling the beans, shhhh!) I hope you'll come over and join me and the other ladies. :-)


The countdown is on!

Six more days until father in law leaves and we leave for the beach! Woot! Very excited about that! I really miss scrapping beach photos! :-)

Here is a layout I did today. Not the greatest pics, but the best I could get sneaking up on them as they were jammin' to tunes. LOL I tried my hand at a couple of flower techniques. Eh, not sure I like mine as much, but it's done.

I've also been working on some secret projects that are for a special upcoming event. You might get a jump on the news and find some clues soon HERE...

Have a very scrappy weekend, or at the very least, a great one! :-)



You might have noticed I've not been around much. I've paired down my message board reading and unfortunately that creates havoc with my mojo since I thrive on challenges.

Other things that have created havoc with my mojo:

Over the holidays, I learned that I'm going to be a grandmother for the first time. This isn't a good thing. The baby's parents are idiots. I already feel bad for the baby, whose arrival date is supposedly in August. We'll see, I'm thinking more like July. Anyway, if it's a boy, his name will be Oliver Xander, which isn't a bad name, but they plan on calling him OX for short. They think it's funny. :-(

I was contacted late last year by my sister, whom I haven't talked to in 21 years. This isn't a good thing. Long story, lots of drama, suffice it to say, there's a reason we hadn't talked in 21 years. Only a few people know about the dysfunctionality of my family, so for those of you who do, you know that this is not a happy reunion. We've been exchanging emails sporadically, but it's awkward.

Most of you know my father in law lives with us and has for 10 years. He's almost 86 years old now. He has been given a clean bill of health after his latest procedure (well, as clean as the bill can be for someone who has heart disease, prostate cancer and a AAA) and I've been working towards one of his other 5 children to come get him for awhile. This has been a major project this year, as it has entailed MANY doctors visits, scans, tests, surgery and recovery. I love the man as much as any girl could love a father, but I'm tired, and I need a break. I'm tired of feeling like I'm 85 years old and am giddy with the thought of a glimpse of what a 47 year old life looks like. Not just a day here, or an hour there, but LIFE. So, next weekend, one of his other sons is coming to pick him up and take him to HIS home for a visit. It will be an extended visit, two weeks with the son, and then to his daughters house for two weeks. This is a very GOOD thing. :-)


I want to thank you all for being faithful readers and more importantly, FRIENDS. I've been keeping up with all of your goings on through your blogs, and think about you all often. I'm grateful for my "old" friends that still keep up with me also. I love you all and hope to be back to my normal self (such as it was! LOL) in short order. :-)



Happy weekend to all my scrappy friends! It's WAY too nice OUTside to be INside scrapping. :-) Rain is coming Tuesday, stay tuned. :-D


Happy March!

I'm 3 today! Well, not me, ya know, my BLOG! Did y'all forget? One lucky person gets a birthday gift!

But first my calendar... I was amused with it when I made it and now not so much. You see that saying on there? "in like a lion, out like a lamb?" True AGAIN! Last year on March 1st, we had 3" of snow. This year, tomorrows forecast? SNOW. UGH, I'm done with winter already! In the 16 years we've lived here, I can't remember a year when we've had more snowfall. This is the Heart of Dixie, for goodness sake! LOL

Okay, the winner of the RAK is ... Kristina! Please send your mailing address to me at Mi4Angels@aol.com. Congrats!

Have a scrappy week everyone! :-)