Kitchen Keepsake Fun!

We are having the best time on Feeling Scrappy with our Kitchen Keepsake challenges! What's that? You don't know what a Kitchen Keepsake album is? It's all about life in your kitchen with your family! The challenges are posted once each month, so by the end of a year, you'll have 12 beautiful layouts that are sure to be treasured by generations to come. We'd love for you to come join us, so I'm offering this RAK. You DO like clear stamps, yes? Would you like to know how to win them? I thought so. ;-)
1.) Register at Feeling Scrappy! (This is important! Otherwise, I won't know who you are!)
2.) Leave some lovin' in the Kitchen Keepsakes threads between July 18th and July 31st.
There! You've put your name in the bucket to win the stamps!
Want another chance to win? Complete a challenge by July 31st and post it in the appropriate Kitchen Keepsakes thread! Your name goes in the bucket again!
Let's recap... how cool is this? Not only do you get a chance to win these clear stamps, but you will be on your way to having your very own Kitchen Keepsake album! Good luck! :-)


Sketching with a Twist!

There's another class coming up on Feeling Scrappy! I'm super excited about this one because the ribbon class was so cool and fun! I use sketches all the time but can rarely think outside the box. I look for sketches to fit my photos instead of finding a sketch I LOVE and tweaking it. I mean, what's the point of using a sketch if you're going to change it? Well, I suspect that Jayne is going to show us exactly how and why we should! The dates of the class are August 6th through August 31st. I may even try my hand at digi scrapping! I hope you'll join me in the fun! See ya at Scrappy Hour!!! :-D


To all my scrappy friends

I've met so many wonderful people over the last couple of years from various scrappy message boards and I feel truly blessed to call them friends. Scrapping communities are amazing places of support and inspiration. Bonds are made and we find our scrappy online "homes." But I hate change and when I see major shifts in online scrapping communities, I tend to leave, writing quietly to my friends. Sadly, this has happened again on a board that I have frequented for a few years and instead of collecting everyone's email addresses and sending a collective "this is why I left," I thought I'd just post it here. So for anyone reading this and may be wondering "where'd you go?" I will tell you... Feeling Scrappy.

Feeling Scrappy is a fairly new, fairly small community of beautiful spirits! I have never been in another community where the caring is more sincere and the atmosphere more fun. So if you're reading and missing seeing me around, I'd like to extend a personal invitation to you to come visit my "home" and meet my friends! :-)


Freestylin' Fun!

This was my first attempt at a "true" freestyle page. It was a lot of fun to do! After doing so many portrait album layouts, I really needed a creative outlet and this was just the ticket! This is a BOM layout that talks about modern conveniences and how the Internet has enriched my life.


Inspiration in the funniest places

I received a nice RAK from Aimes, and on the envelope was a stamp that had a beautiful Gee's Bend quilt on it. I don't know if it was the colors or the fact that I'm from Alabama and am familiar with the beautiful quilts, but it inspired me to do this layout with pics from Fathers Day. I hope your guys had a nice day! :-)