Day three

and no nicotine. I can't really say that I've been the most pleasant or upbeat person to be around, so consider yourself forewarned. This is NOT a scrappy post, but you might find it amusing from a distance nonetheless.

1. What IDIOT at Fox 6 thought it would be a good idea to preempt Glee to let everyone know that there were NO tornado warnings, NO tornado watches, but there MIGHT be a thunderstorm in a remote area that has a population of TWO??? Oooh boy, it didn't take long before I was googling the station to get the name of the programming manager and whip off a two sentence scathing email. The rest of the family was making fun... "Sweetie! (thats me, he's yelling because I'm in my scrap room shooting off this email to Fox 6) They have a new warning for Hurricane Suzanne, it's just north of Shelby County and it's category 6!" Wise ass. :-/

2. Then, after Peyton quoting that comment on her Facebook status, some 17 year old twit comes along and says "Dear god everyone needs to stfu about Glee... It's a freaking fake tv show. There possible life threatening weather going on out there. I believe its more important. Ugh." Which resulted in my current Facebook status, just in case you're wondering. It COULD have been much uglier, I used great restraint. I COULD have said "this coming from someone who lives in backwoods TN in a tent and eliminates waste into a can in the ground. And by the way, learn how to spell." Although it's true, I didn't say it! Pretty good I thought! :-D

3. Last but not least... not too long ago, I'm talking to my attorney friend about an online stalker that I have. It's harmless stuff, but we were just laughing about her antics when he gave me a very useful tidbit of information about IP addresses. I share this with all of YOU so that if you ever find this useful you'll know about it. Whenever you're joining forums, it doesn't matter which user name you use, it's still the same IP address. AND, with the advent of all these cool tools such as feedjit and clicky, you can see ALL the information on that particular IP address including time logs and each click you make on a site. My friend asked me yesterday how that was going and I told him that she's moved on to terrorize someone else and he "wondered" outloud if her employer would be amused with all of her Internet travels using a work computer. :-O I never thought about that, but I guess thats why he's an attorney and I'm NOT. LOL BUT, definitely made a mental note of that.

So, if you've made it this far through my rantings, thanks for stopping by and I promise my next entry will be at least somewhat scrappy related. :-D I'll leave you with this... I'm getting back into my positive zone today. Have a great day!


Exciting news!


You all know how I love my recipe albums and I think you all should too! Not mine, but yours! :-D I truly believe the albums that I'm making for my children are heirlooms that they will treasure, and I know this because they already love them!

The Designer contest will begin November 5th, but in the meantime, come join us on Kitchen Keepsake to find out how to win this beautiful, hardcover cookbook by Art Smith.

Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous weekend! :-)


Me again!

Sick of me yet? LOL

Okay, lets see, I've joined a couple of new forums, so hopefully, I won't get these mixed up.

Birds of a Feather Kit Co. is having a grand opening crop called the Great Migration. Funny, right? The girls are super nice and a lot of fun! I've done two layouts for the challenges there.

The first one had to be about ME. Kristie took this photo (and many other worse ones!) at the retreat we were at in August. As bad as it is, it makes me laugh every time I see it. :-D I doubled up challenges and also did this for Diana's challenge on Challenge Masters.

This next layout had to include a specific quote about autumn. Can I tell you how much of a mess I made with gesso and the sanding block? :-O I was totally inspired by Chris's layout at Scrapgal, it's almost an exact lift, only hers looks way better. But she doesn't have a cute baby on hers. :-D

Wishing all my friends a very scrappy weekend, thanks for visiting! :-)


Faux stitching and scraplifting

So, apparently, somewhere in taking care of everyone else these last couple of months, I seem to have misplaced my mojo. Thank goodness for all the many talented scrappers out there to provide much needed inspiration. :-) And maybe one of these days, I'll actually learn how to change the thread in Caitlyns sewing machine. When I need black stitching, I'm reduced to poking holes and connecting the dots. LOL

Remember the photo of Ayden in the pea costume? Yep, scrapped, using a sketch on A Million Memories.

The journaling reads: "Ayden, I want you to know that your OTHER grandmother is the one who did this to you, although I'm not above scrapping it. You look disgusted with the get up now, I can only imagine how you'll feel in 12 years from now!" LOL

Here's another layout I did today, totally lifting Julie Bonner's layout for A Million Memories.

And last but not least, Jen issued a Use Your Stash challenge on Paper Whores, so I dug out some birthday stamps for Peyton's birthday layout. This was a funny layout also. Peyton decided she wanted all 14 candles on her cake and it took her a good while to light them all. Once lit, we all sang happy birthday, and Kennedy promptly blew out all the candles! LOL Peyton then proceeded to relight all 14 candles.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to stop by again soon! I have some very exciting news to share! :-D


Layouts to share

Thank you to all my friends who followed my countdown on Facebook and cheered with me when we actually launched son and his family out of our house. Father in law has also departed with his oldest daughter. He's now living in Missouri and has hospice care. His prognosis is not good... two months since he's opted for no chemo. He's at peace with his decision and has no regrets in his 86 years. I guess you can't ask for more than that.

Just a quick share before I load my layouts. Even "I" am embarrassed for this poor kid in about 10 years. Doesn't he look disgusted? LOL


I've managed to fit some scrappy time in the last couple of weeks. I've discovered a new site which I'm totally digging called Let's Scrap. Sketches and tons of inspiration! This first one was also for the Go Green challenge on Ch{all}enge Masters.

And this one is for a sketch challenge on Cookbookin'. Not recipe related, so I'm not in the running for this months awesome prize, but go check it out!

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully I'll be able to update more than once every couple of weeks and also stop by and visit all of you!


Happy October!

Is it just me, or are these months just zipping by? I'm diggin' the cooler temps and bright blue skies that autumn brings though. :-)

This months calendar page is one that I completed at the retreat that I went to at the end of August. Simple, using a DCWV stack and a little fussy cutting, but so it goes when you don't have all your tools available for use. LOL And by now, my calendar has writing on almost all the little squares. Busy month, as most of them are nowadays!

I wanted to share a sneaky peek of my December calendar that I just finished. What possessed me to hand stitch all the numbers on the calendar, I can't tell you. :-O

Although I'm really happy with how it turned out, I can't say I'll be doing that again any time soon! LOL

I will be back soon with a new challenge layout for Ch{all}enge Masters. Hoping all of you have a very scrappy week!