Thought for the day

I hate New Years. More than birthdays, they signify another year gone. A lot of my scrappy friends are picking their “word of the year,” a word to focus on. Words like, RELAX, PEACE, LIVE. Really? I suppose it’s good to have a goal to work toward, but honestly. LIVE? Do we have a choice? Well, technically, I suppose we do. Most of us live life and make of it what we will, so is that really a good word? Or how about PEACE? When your 18 year old son pierces his body, gets thrown into jail and gets a prison tat, what the hell is so peaceful about that? What’s so relaxing about when your 14 year old daughter gets a modeling gig and you’re driving all over hells half acre at ungodly hours of the day and night? What’s so peaceful or relaxing about a self employed husband who takes on a client and then agrees to manage a turnaround and works 20 hours each day? Or a live-in father in law who watches 25 hours of news each day. I don’t care who you are, THAT’S not relaxing!

Maybe my word should be BE. It's all encompassing. BE nice. BE creative. BE happy. Maybe I will BE in an asylum before the New Year is out. LOL

I’m sure there are lots of great words out there that would be inspiring. Like, CREATE. It’s a great word, but I already do that, as much as possible. Or LAUGH. I like laughing. Or HAPPY. Who doesn’t like to be happy? I’m full of HOPE, for lots of things and have FAITH that lots of the things I hope for will happen.

Largely, all of these words depend on more than just ME. I will ASPIRE to lots of these words every year, not just this year.

So, what is YOUR word for 2009? Maybe I’ll steal it, or maybe I’ll just BE.


  1. I'm using your last YITL word - Renew.

  2. hee hee Just blogged about this (One Little Word) and how I love this time of year! My word is going to be "do".

    Happy New Year and we miss you at Scrapdango!

  3. I'm thinking REFRESH! I just want to hit the refresh button on life like I do on the computer......surely, that would make 2009 a much better year than 2008.

  4. First of all - Happy 2009, my friend!!! I can't wait to see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into this year!!! LOL!!! I love you!!

    Second - I LOVE "be"!!!!! I think it's perfect for you!! Absolutely perfect!!

    Third - my word is CURE!! Just posted about it on my blog. I'm going to be relentless with my 2009 word!!

    Peace, love, & LOTS of laughter to you in 2009, my friend!!!

  5. I don't know if just one word is enough to actually live by, although BE is a good one - Be Patient, BE kind, Be tolerant, Be Happy......so I guess "Be" it is...

    Happy New Year!