Crazy weather!

Here is a photo taken on Dec. 4th...


Today it's 70 degrees. What's up with that! Not that I'm complaining, mind ya! Today is a perfect day! :-) By the calendar, the highs should be in the 40's here in Alabama.

Whats the weather where you are? Normal, or not?


  1. Cool picture!

    The weather here is nuts! It's been way colder than usual and now we're getting a dump of snow today. They're saying that with the wind chill tonight that it could be -20C (-4F)!! Crazy!!

  2. It's much colder here then normal - we've already had more days of snow this month then we had all last winter I think. Its been hovering between 7 and 10 degrees here, where it should normally be up in the 30's.

  3. Awesome photo!!

    Isn't it crazy??? Last week we were near freezing & this week we're in the 80's!!

    BTW - sorry there's no video to greet you this morning, but Jilli spent the night last night & the web cam is hooked up to my computer in there. You'll just have to live without seeing my ugly mug this morning! ;)