A different kind of seven dwarfs

Welcome to my new adventure! Unlike most women, I'm very amused by this change in my life. For instance, just two short months ago, we bought one of those little electric heaters for our bedroom. Yep, don't need THAT sucker anymore! I told Glen, "take it to work!" Its so weird that our thermostats have flip flopped. HE'S shivering under the covers and I'M laying on top of the covers. He says, "would you like me to turn the ceiling fan on?" Hmm...
Anyway, I've been doing a lot of reading and my decision won't surprise many of my readers... I'm going to try to manage this thing, this monster, myself! LOL I've watched family members turn crazy while their doctors try to "find the right balance of hormones." Yea, no thanks. Last night, we had a family meeting. "Your mom is going through menopause. Tighten your seat belts and hang on for dear life!" I got tickled at the looks on their faces, you know, the one with the deer in the headlights look? Mm hmm, and I could actually read their minds! "You mean, you're going to get MEANER?" :insert evil laughter:
So when I saw this video clip on a message board that I visit, I felt compelled to send it to Glen at work with a message that said, "go grab all your guys and watch." It takes a while for it to load, (at least it did with my new piece of crap computer) but it's well worth the wait! Go grab your guys ladies and turn it up! :-D
Stay tuned for more adventures from the Rebel with a Pause! LOL


  1. Oh great, one more thing to look forward to.LOL. I'll be very interested in how you do managing it naturally because I'm sure that it will be upon me sooner then I expect too.

  2. No doubt you will handle it with disarming humor and stress-reducing sarcasm. :-D If ANYONE can self-manage menapause, it's you!! And this post literally had me holding my stomach with laughter.

  3. OMG I love that video!! My dh always, always ends up in the dog house. One year he actually bought me a windchime from one of those fundraiser for the kids' schools, NOT IMPRESSED!!!

  4. You'll be fine - honest!!! Keep up with the sense of humor because that will take you far on this journey in your life!! Call me anytime & I'll help you laugh your way through . . .

    Love ya chica!!