Merry Christmas!

To all my blogging friends, who have been so supportive of me this year, I love you all and hope Santa brings you everything you're wishing for! :-)


I can't believe that there's only 2 more YITL challenges left. Thanks to all who have played along with me, I've enjoyed all of your fabulous creations! I am already working on card placement on my cornice board that will go over my scrap room window and will post the finished product when it is done. :-)


  1. Oh, my eyes! I'm blinded! Now that's a disturbing image I won't be able to get out of my head - LOL

  2. I don't think I was ever intended to see Santa in that form .. but dang that made me laugh out loud!

  3. I will never be able to look at Santa in the same way ever again! Only you, my friend, only you!!! ROFLMBO!!

    I wish the same to you & yours, dahlin'! You know I love you all!!!