Happy November!

I love this paper line from Cookbookin'! Very festive for Thanksgiving! Can you believe it? THANKSGIVING! Seems like I just posted my January calendar this year.

My mood is a little more upbeat than the last time I posted. It's been one week nicotine free and I haven't ripped anyones lips off. LOL I DID, however, spend the money that I saved in smokes and invested in some MLYB Savor! Just a little reward for my stick-to-it-tiveness. :-D

I finished up a couple of layouts, but I don't have pics uploaded yet, so that'll give me a good excuse to update again soon. Don't forget about the DT Contest that starts this Friday on Kitchen Keepsake! I hope y'all come over to play. Don't make me lecture again about the importance of recipe albums! LOL

See ya soon! :-)


  1. What a festive calendar page :) Hey, I think it's a great idea to take the smokes money and buy something fun with it!

  2. Adorable page!!! Congrats on your stick-to-it-tiveness!!! I'm so happy for you~

  3. Awesome! So happy you were able to get something cool! Yay for you!!! Keep it up! You're doing so great!