Lotsa stuff

Am I the only one who had a total brain fart about falling back an hour today? We were all rushing around at 9 a.m. trying to get Caitlyn out the door and to work on time, only to find out she was an hour early. She was mad. And it messed with me the entire day. But, tomorrow is Monday! YAY!!!

I'm so, so, so, so excited! Next month, the hubs is treating the family to a performance of the Trans Siberian Orchestra!!! {insert excited jumping up and down guy here} We've been wanting to do it for years, but time and/or money always got in the way. No cameras allowed, but we'll make lifetime memories anyway!

Guess what else? Today, as I was at Walgreens picking up photos? They were putting all their Christmas candy out! YAY again! I still love me some mint M & Ms, but my new fav is the Hershey's candy cane kisses. I wish I didn't have to unwrap each one individually, then I could eat them much faster! LOL

And, I was going to share some layouts, but backed up my photos yesterday and apparently removed everything up to Nov. 1st, so, I just have a couple to share until I can copy them back to my computer again. Sigh.

Funny how a girl who takes zillions of photos of herself gets so aggravated when I take a couple of very important events, such as this. This was the first time she drove BY HERSELF. I had to get the photos, right? At least I didn't follow her in my car, like I did when my first born took her first bus ride to school. :-D I handcut the word GOES in the title and the little heart "button" on the right side using a paint sample from Home Depot, which is why the hubs won't take me along anymore. Good thinking, huh! LOL

This one is for the stash challenge on Paper Whores. Jen challenged us to complete a project that had been started. Well, guess what? I didn't have any! But, I found this in my paper holder...

So, I finished cutting and rolling and used it. I LOVE these photos. Not that the photos are great, but the story is. We surprised Caitlyn at work with her dream car. The journaling says that we loaded up the entire family, bought two bags worth of groceries and had her carry them out to the car for us. She was embarrassed and thought we were silly, since it was just two bags. That's the first photo. Then, she sees me in the parking lot and is wondering "why is mom standing by the car?" And then realization sets in, I'm standing by HER car. (with the camera, of course! LOL) She cried, I cried, we were a mess I tell ya! :-)

The first challenge is up at Kitchen Keepsake! The deadline for the DT Contest is Wednesday night. Y'all have heard it before, but WOW, there are some talented ladies who are going to make the decision process difficult! Come on over and give them some lovin' and get some yummy recipes to boot! :-)

Last but not least, the new challenges are up at Ch{all}enge Masters. Come check them out AND the new facelift!

I'll be back later this week, after I track down the layouts that I removed from my hard drive. LOL Have a scrappy week! :-)


  1. How FUN! Enjoy the performance to the fullest. Bring some of your candies with you to munch on as well! :)

  2. Great layouts Suzanne! Heehee about the photos! I think its great you got them!

  3. Oh I am green with jealousy!!! I have wanted to them perform for such a long time!!! Enjoy every second!!

    LOVE the layouts!!!

  4. Be sure to sneak some wine in to your orchestra ;)

    Do I spy some Wishblade use on that first LO?

  5. Great photos of the "big driver!" Loving that paper rolling, gonna give that a try real soon!

    Computers &^*&^(^%^&% give me fits!

  6. Love the Layouts! They are great! Ha! on dh not taking you to HD because of paint chips! HD and the LSS are the 2 places I need permission to go to without supervision! LOL! Love the circles for that photos in LO 1 BTW!

  7. Totally laughing and understanding the unwrapping each kiss part! HA! :) You tell your DH that the hardware store isnt just for he-men anymore! Terrific layouts, Suzanne!