Happy Mothers Day!

Letter to me, from 15 year old:


You have been a wonderful mother to Megan for 21 years, Ethan for 19 years, me for 15 years and Peyton for 13 years. You have given us great motherly advice more than a handful of times and whether we listen or not, you always turn out to be right! You do so much for us around here and never get the credit you need for it, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. Whether I admit it or not, you always know exactly the right things to say when I'm in a situation and need help. You're a great mother to Megan, Ethan, me and Peyton, a great wife to dad and an amazing daughter-in-law to grandpa! Thanks again mom, we all love you very much! Happy Mothers Day!

Love, Caitlyn

Now, see? That's all I ask for... once a year to be told that I'm always right! LOL

I hope all my scrappy friends had a FAB day!


  1. That is so, so sweet!
    happy Mother's Day!!

  2. How wonderful! What a good mama to raise such thoughtful children!

  3. That is just too sweet . . .

  4. that's wonderful-
    I don't think you ask for too much :)