Some layouts to share

Our first week back to school was uneventful, so I was able to get quite a bit of scrapping in! YAY me!

I had started an album of the little girl that my girls babysit. She's the sweetest little thing and I had a blast not only taking the photos but scrapping them as well. I have no idea how many layouts blogger will let me include, but there are 12 layouts in the album. Each page title is a song title befitting the photos and at the end is a playlist with a burned CD including all of the songs. I can't wait to give it to her daddy!

Thanks to all my scrappy friends who helped with song title suggestions. I even found a couple of new favs, although I guess they are technically old now. LOL

Enjoy! :-)

My Girl

Lean on Me


Thats my daughter

Go the Distance

Lets Chill

Light my Fire

Father and Daughter

You are so Beautiful

In My Daughters Eyes


  1. Absolutely FABULOUS!! An album they will both cherish always!!

  2. That is just beautiful and I think some of your best work. Her father is going to have tears in his eyes when he sees this.

    You did good lady.

  3. I love all of these, the titles are so clever. Great job, what an amazing gift this will be.

  4. What an amazing and thoughtful thing to do!! Love the song titles as LO titles and including a CD- FABULOUS!!
    Hope all is well, stop by and say hi to us over at SFAC. We miss you!!

  5. Those are beautiful pages, Suzanne! :)

  6. i just love how you did the music notes! awesome lo's ... you have been busy!