I know, you're thinking "who ARE you?" It's me, Suzanne! Remember me? I used to be really good about blogging and now I'm not? Remember?? If I asked you the question, are you busier in the summer, or the winter, what would your answer be? Mine would be YES. :-D

I had been planning on going to CHA show in Orlando next week, but that's not going to work out. I can't say I'm terribly disappointed. While I was looking forward to a good look at all the new goodies, I wasn't looking forward to 22 hours total driving time in 4 days. I'll get a good look, eventually. :-)

In the meantime, here are a couple of layouts I've gotten done this week.

This is for my Book of Me. Thanks to all my scrappy friends who helped me out with this. LOL


You'll be seeing LOTS of these kinds of layouts coming up. :-) This is of Glen and Caitlyn standing on the floor of the deep end of the pool. :rolling eyes:

Glub, glub

I hope all my friends are getting their scrap on! TFL! :-)


  1. my sentiments exactly! LOL! i'm one to talk, ha!

    glad to know you're still getting some scrappy pages done :D love that page for your BOM.

    sorry your CHA plans didn't push through though

    was just checking out the friendship station. is the site no longer available? thanks

  2. Yeah, I *think* I remember you. You look really familiar. ;-) LOVE your layouts!! Miss seeing them.

    I'm so sorry you're not going to CHA. :-( Even though it didn't look like I was going to be able to be there, I was still hoping. Anyhow, I'm sorry.

  3. Your water layout is so fun! Your BOM page is over the top! Sorry you didn't get to go on your trip! I hope you get to do some other fun things instead!

  4. I'm so there with you on all accounts - I just don't have the time or energy to scrap right now, too much going on - once the kids are back in school then I'll be back in the groove again.

    Too bad about CHA, but honestly, its really not THAT big a deal - you do get to meet people you wouldn't otherwise meet which is the big reason to go, but everyone is so busy "working" that you don't get to spend much time with anyone. Not worth a 22 hour drive so you made the right choice.