Happy Independence Day!

As of tomorrow, in keeping with my new mantra "lighten the load", I am quitting smoking. Dh is joining, as well as one of his co-workers. I made us some visual reminders to help us. LOL

His and hers banners. Glen took his to work. :-)

I Can Stop

And for Glen's co-worker:


Each number has a funny saying like "after years of smoking, all I got was this lousy hole in my neck" and "dragons look cool smoking, people don't" and "smoke, stink, die", stuff like that. LOL

I hope all my scrappy friends have a very happy and safe 4th of July, especially my soon to be American friend, Marci! Click on the link to read her inspiring story and see cool pics. :-)


  1. I had no idea that you were a smoker, but I'm thrilled that you're quitting. Good Luck - you can do it ;)

  2. Way to go Suzanne! And your hubby and his co-worker! Kudos to you! It can't be easy, but I am positive you can do it!

  3. I think this is so awesome! You go girl! Fantastic that you guys are doing it together! Think of all the scrappy supplies you could buy instead!

  4. How are you doing???? You know I'm pulling for you & am here to support you in every way!!!

    Happy 4th!! Enjoy your day!!

  5. Good luck kickin' the habit!! You can do it & with fun reminders like that you'll do GREAT!!

  6. Hope you had a nice 4th!

    Wow! Congrats on deciding to kick the habit! How are you holding up? I am still in the process of convincing DH to quit, so good luck to me! :p