Today is my birthday...

well, not really, but lets just pretend. So, today is my birthday. Ideally, no one will make a big fuss about it. It's not that I don't want to be remembered, but a simple "have a happy birthday" will do. The whole expectation and obligation on everyone elses part makes me feel uncomfortable. I don't like surprises and no presents are expected or wanted. Ideally, I'll spend half the day with friends, perhaps scrappy shopping or some such thing, then I'll spend the other half with family, relaxing poolside while Glen grills steak on the grill. We'll finish dinner off with either a Death by Chocolate cake, or an ice cream cake. I'll finish off the day spending time with all my online friends who couldn't make the shopping trip earlier in the day.

Of course, that just all pretend, because in reality, everyone makes a fuss over me. I'm not allowed to do laundry, or clean, or cook. They'd make me open the presents they tormented over and I almost always cry at the handmade cards.

In either case, I'm loved. :-)


  1. Hmmmmmm I would want lots and lots of presents.. all scrappy ones :)

  2. Well Happy Birthday! Pretend or not...LOL

  3. Happy whatever day! Any day is a good day when you get presents and doted on!