Goodbye blond, hello red!

Wow, what a whirlwind weekend it's been! I've made 6 trips to downtown Birmingham in 3 days and for anyone who knows how geographically challenged I am, they would be proud that I didn't get lost once! Well, driving anyway. The civic center is a HUGE complex and we did get lost a couple of times walking around. LOL

I'm so proud of my baby! She's done this whole gig all on her own since I wasn't allowed to go into the show with her. And although she was overwhelmed the first day (prep day, when they colored her hair THREE times to get it right! FAINT!), she got the hang of things and managed to become the lead runway model for not one, not two, but three shows! Way to go, girlie!

Without further ado, as promised, here are Caitlyns before and after photos.

Friday night, after getting word that she was chosen as one of 3 KMS Goldwell's models.

After her color and cut:

Michael did a FABULOUS job taking care of Caitlyn. When Caitlyn asked him to pose with her for a photo, first he checked his hair, and then he floofed her hair. LOL I'm now known as "the rabid scrapper" because of all the photos I asked her to take. :-D

She's got one more day and is already sad to see it ending. She's made lots of new friends and has had a total blast!


  1. Wow! She looks great! But I think it makes her look older. What a great experience for her.

  2. She looks ecstatic! Love the new look! Is she planning to keep it. So glad that she is seeing her dream come true!

  3. WOW! She looks beautiful! You must be so proud of her :)

  4. She looks so happy, who would have ever guessed from Friday night to this. I am so happy for her.

    I love the new look.

  5. She looks absolutely beautiful!

  6. Ohhhh...how fun and she sure is a gorgeous girl. I am so happy for her that she is living her dream!

  7. She looks great! I'm glad she enjoyed it. I can't believe our babies are growing up this quick.