Do, re, mi

I've never been interested in playing an instrument, although I was made to in elementary school. I started off on a recorder and worked my way up to a real, live flute. I HATED it. Number one, I sucked at it and number two, I just didn't enjoy it. Music was the catalyst for me becoming a cheerleader. Being a cheerleader meant that I couldn't be in two places at one time. LOL

As a mom to four children, I've made all of my children take some manner of music. Seems like I've heard its good for children SOMEhow. They all hated it, just like their mom. LOL I didn't care what they took, it was their choice, but they had to take SOMEthing musical. So we've tried piano, violin and guitar lessons.

The funniest story is on my oldest daughter. When the movie "Titanic" came out, she absolutely INSISTED on taking violin lessons. We found an instructor, and bought a brand new violin from Ebay to the tune of $100. Of course, she didn't teach music from the "Titanic" right off the bat. No, it was the chords. Do, re, mi, fa, so... So, one month after the investment of time and money, bye bye violin lessons. :-D

I can't really say that they, or I, regret having music forced upon us. Maybe it taught us a lesson. Maybe its that we appreciate all types of music because we've all gone through the experience of knowing what the art of performing is. :-)


  1. I played the flute too - loved it at first but grew to hate it. LOL.

    Be glad that you only had to suffer through the rusty sounding Violin scales for a month, it could have been worse.

    Audre is getting an electric guitar for her birthday next week (a pink one no less!) and I can just imagine how the first few months of that will be - I hope I have alot of earplugs on hand.

  2. I played the clarinet and hated it, really bad a it too. LOL!

    No one in our house really has an ear for music...we would end up on the American Idol bad auditions, LOL!

  3. HAHA! I can still recall how i absolutely hated to practice and learn to play the piano.

    DD keeps asking if she could learn how to play the piano - of course, knowing how fickle minded she is, i am going to wait until she's absolutely sure she wants to learn it!