Saturday creations

I hope my old friend Margaret is reading this post, because I used a piece of paper that she sent me a couple of years ago. I had ordered some stuff from her (sorry, I don't remember the name of the company) and she gave me a paper pack free. Although I loved the products she sold, I really thought the paper pack had some of the most hideous paper EVER! Course, ya got it keep it around, just in case. LOL Well, lo and behold, the pink and white paper behind the transparency was the perfect color for this photo of Peyton! So, thank you Margaret! :-) And turns out after looking through the pack, some of the paper isn't so hideous after all. I've added it to the mainstream paper population. LOL This layout is another one for her toddler to teen album.

Carrie, the owner of Scrapdango, is having a non advertised crop today and one of her challenges is to make an ATC card. Of course I had already finished my YITL card from yesterday, so I made another one as a personal reminder to me. :-D If you're not a member yet, come on over and check it out. Carrie is the most funnest, most nicest person you'll meet online. She never gets mad at me for my silliness. :-P


  1. LOL about the paper history! :) but I do agree... it's perfect for that photo! So very lovely!

    Cute card, Suzanne!

  2. It's funny how our tastes change over the years isn't it? It IS perfect for the photo! Now. Are you going to follow your advice to yourself? :) Love the colors!