Ever have one of THOSE scrappy days?

Guess I shouldn't complain, a bad day scrapping is better than a good day scrubbing toilets. LOL I've started working on Peyton's toddler to teen album. Here is the title page. I left room at the bottom of the photo mat for her graduation photo.

Here are a couple of creations from today. I used a sketch from 52 Sketches. Love Julie's sketches! I stamped flowers using a stamp that Colleen sent me, cut it out, Stickled it and put liquid glass in the centers. When I took this photo, the centers weren't quite dry, but I didn't want to lose my light.

Have you ever put a big honkin' wrong date on your layout? Grrr... thats what I did on the first layout. Family - 2007. Yea, umm, no. So I fixed it, of course. LOL

That's it for me today. Thanks for looking! :-)


  1. Yep. I've put the wrong date, posted it and taken days to figure out what was wrong with it! Hehe! Welcome to the club! Haha! I still love your layouts!

  2. Yep - guilty! I have put the wrong date on a layout or two...one was my wedding layout...(red faced)! LOL!!!

  3. Love your layouts Suzanne! Wrong dates, wrong place, wrong people, mis-spelled names . . . you name it,I've done it! ;)

  4. LOL Suzanne, I put the wrong date on my anniversary LO! I wrote Dec 2008 instead of 2007. I tried to fix it but I think I made it look worse!

    Love your pages... you've been busy!!