Would it be bad to say that I don't really have memories of my childhood? Other than the time I broke my toe diving off the side of the pool. I was about 12. Yep, THAT made a huge impression. As the doctors in ER were setting my toe, I thought they were removing my toe by pulling it off. LOL Gee, there must be SOMEthing I remember... nope, I've thought about it and I seriously can't remember doing much of anything.

I asked my 19 year old how SHE thought summers differ for her than when I was a kid. I thought she summed it up pretty well... FREEDOM. Lack of schedule. Easy. Swimming. Then she added, "yea, sure we have technology now..." :-/ I told her, we had dishwashers back in my day. LOL

It made both of us a little sad when we talked about her current summer, which started less than a month ago. She's working a full time job, using both her marketing major and her spanish minor, and taking 3 online classes. I think she's the smartest 19 year old EVER. :-)

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  1. I'm glad that she's doing so well, but she's right about kids these days. Sometimes I wish that we could just let them be kids a little bit longer! Congrats to her though!