Scrappy resolutions anyone?

I have always set page goals, but 2008 will be a year of firsts for me. Instead of setting a goal, I'm just going to track what I've done. That way, I won't feel as if I have to rush through a project, kwim? Creative destressing!

I'll be doing a lot more altering this year. Here is a CD tin (thanks Colleen!) that I'll be keeping track of all the new creative ventures I accomplish.

I'll also be working on a weekly card challenge. Not card, as in greeting card, but rather card, as in altered playing card. Here is the altered box I made to keep them in, until the end of the year, when I attach all the completed cards to a cornice to attach over the window in my scrap room! I'm super excited about it!

I will also be expanding my horizons as it relates to photography, which is always good to keep me in scrappy projects! LOL

I would love to hear what your scrappy goals are for the new year! :-)


  1. beautiful artwork, Suzanne...
    I have no scrappy resolutions other than to find some real scrap space in my house....Happy NEW YEAR!

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  3. Love your box!! I to am changing things up this year!!

  4. Love your tin, can't wait to see all the pictures you put in there. Haven't thought much about my goals for the upcoming year but now that you have put the bug in my ear, I will be doing some thinking on it.

  5. You always do such beautiful work! I'd love to join you in photography if you can teach me how to do something other than "point and shoot"! :}

  6. cant wait to start the card challenge!!!