Blog challenge sneaky peek!

I am SO excited that so many of my scrappy friends will be blogging with me next year! I've gotten the first several ready to go and it will be FUN getting to know y'all a little bit better! Ready for a warm up? :-)

If you haven't done so already, you really should set up your Google Reader. It will help you keep track of your friends and their blog updates. Don't forget to add ME! :-)

When you’re finished, post to your blog and let your friends know what you're up to. Feel free to invite them to participate! Name a few of your friends by name. Everyone loves to see their name in lights! Leave a comment on at least 3 of your friends blogs. Everyone LOVES comments!

I'm specifically calling out my best friend Tams! She started her blog early this year and has updated only a handful of times. I know first hand that she's an excellent writer, so I have invited her to join and she has accepted. YAY!

I've also invited all my friends from 123-Scrap to join in and many of them have accepted as well! YAY again! Well, Rach, Pam, Karen, Tammy and Lisa didn't really NEED me to challenge them, as they all do an awesome job updating their blogs already. But they are sweet to support me! :-) And if you love challenges like I do, you need to check out 123-Scrap! New challenges will be posted in a few days! One that I'm super excited about is called Photo a Week. I don't know about you, but I sometimes "forget" to take photos of the every day blessings. So what I end up with is hundreds of photos of holidays, birthdays and Disney, but tend to leave out the beauty and wonder of the every day.

Have fun and I'll be posting the first official challenge next Wednesday! :-)


  1. i am loving your new banner....great job!

  2. ok, I've set up my Google Reader, and I'm getting all ready to participate in your blog challenges. Once my new blog is set up, I'll be good to go!

  3. Calling me out, huh?! :-p Seriously, thanks! Hopefully, it's just the kickstart I need. Oh, BTW, LOVE the new banner!!