Pogo sticks aren't for old people

Well, old being older than 12. Our daughter got a pogo stick for Christmas and of COURSE, everyone had to try their hand at it. Insert major eye roll here, because there was no WAY "I" was doing it! I know my limitations! LOL

First, the 19 year old sister gave it a whirl.

Maybe she'll have better luck if she leans against a door...

Or not. LOL

Then, you've got the 44 year old dad. NOT a pretty sight. LOL

Finally, they let the kid have her turn. :-)

I hope y'all are having a fun day and that Santa brought everything you wished for! :-)


  1. Fun! Happy Christmas to you too :)

  2. I can't believe that you didn't try. I bet you secretly got up during the night and went out and tried it.