Dear friends,

I've been very busy helping my son and his family move into our home. Temporarily, of course... and father in law is in the hospital with I don't know what, and sister in law has moved her visiting date to tomorrow, and, and, and... I haven't had a scrappy moment in the last week, but I do have a couple of shares. :-)

Here's my latest creation with the subject being my latest tenant. :-) I'd like to thank my very talented friend Rita for RAKing me with these very cool Cosmo Cricket stickers. Isn't he just the sweetest? I may keep him when the others depart. :-D

My Kitchen Keepsakes challenge is up at Ch{all}enge Masters. I completed this layout at the retreat a couple of weeks ago and can I just say, I'm ready for another! Retreat, that is! LOL

Lolis ask in my last entry about a tutorial for the "quilt." I SO wish I could give credit to the original artist, but alas, with all of my blog hopping, I can not. But here ya go Lolis!

I used a 1 1/2" circle punch. Use double sided paper. Each "piece" of the quilt takes two circles, so punch as many circles as you want for your quilt. The bottom circle is easy, you don't do anything to it. The top one is folded so that each side of the circle is folded toward the center. This needs to be done precisely so that it looks like a square, instead of a rectangle. Very tedious for larger "quilts"! OH, and also, determine which way the paper is going to be folded. The flat bottom circle should be the same as the inside of the folded circle. Lay the flat circles with sides touching and then all the folded circles with points touching. Here's a closeup of my "quilt."

Thanks for stopping by! Wishing you all a scrappy week, and me too! :-)


  1. I hope the dr.'s figure out whats wrong with your FIL. Hope things calm down real soon too! Great layouts! Ayden is so cute!

  2. Sounds like you could use another retreat! Yes, Ayden is very cute! That is an awesome layout! Great projects!

  3. aaahhh....i'm loving these creations....i hope your father in law gets better soon....and hope you get to creating some more soon as well!


    Gorgeous quilt.

    Adorable baby.

    Blue Fingernails?

  5. Dang girl you are having a full house! You better find some alone time for you!Hope your FIL is ok...FUn projects - I really love that quilt tut! It loooks great!

    You are welcome :)

  6. I hope FIL is okay and your visit with SIL goes well. The little munchkin is ADORABLE

  7. Glad you installed that revolving door! ;) Would love a baby in my house! :) Enjoy him not because pretty soon he will be a toddler. *laugh* Love your layout about the salad! Thanks for the quilt tutorial-so cool-will be trying that on a card if you dont mind!