Lots of layouts

Some insight as to why I've been a little missing in action recently...

Here are a couple of layouts of Kennedy. She's been spending quite a bit of time here, which I LOVE. She is so happy, always. :-)

And then Thanksgiving. Megan and Ethan and his new fiance stayed for the week, plus David and Kennedy spent the day with us as well.

And last but not least, this. :-/ Caitlyn had her first car accident, in David's car. :-O Thankfully, no one was injured too badly, although Caitlyn and Kennedy both had ER visits to make sure the blood wasn't something more serious.

It's been a crazy month, and this one promises to be equally as crazy. Chanukah is in 10 days, Megan's 21st birthday is in 12 days and then Christmas in 23 days. And I haven't done the first bit of shopping for any of it! :-O Not that I haven't had time, but I needed some creative unwinding after the last few weeks. :-)

Thanks for stopping by! Have a scrappy week and I'll be back soon with some holiday projects. :-)


  1. Oh Suzanne! My heart goes out to you and your family for all of the crazies! So glad to hear your daughter is OK from the accident though. *hugs*

  2. Oh my word Suzanne! Thats a lot going on! Glad you survived it all! I hope the next month goes smoothly for you, sounds like a lot going on!

  3. Glad your having some fun! Hope all is well with the accident!!! NOW GET SHOPPING GIRLY!!!!! :) (I emailed you my last also....I figure there is no need for both of us to go out in the madness)

  4. Wow, glad it was nothing serious with the girls.. Hope it all gets better soon! Can't wait to see your holiday projects!

  5. Holy Cow Suzanne....you've got a lot going on! I completely understand the need now for some "creative unwinding"....adorable layouts (as always)....and lots of {hugs} to you!

  6. Great layouts!!! Thank goodness that noone was injured in the car accident.