It's all about the Roosevelts??

Really, Taco Bell? Really???

To all my scrappy friends, I'm sorry. This isn't even CLOSE to scrappy related, but I have to tell the story. I think it's important, particularly in these hard economic times.

For those who know me, you know I'm big on letter writing. Whether I get very good customer service or very bad, someone at the company is going to know about it.

#1. Some of you may remember my computer saga a few years back. I had a Sony Vaio laptop, called them up to tell them of my issue, and the rep tells me that's considered a major repair so it'll cost me $699. plus tax and shipping both ways. I said "but I can buy a whole NEW computer for that!" And he told me I should. And I did. I bought a Gateway. And Sony execs got a letter for that.

#2. Fast forward to last year, I sent my Gateway in and they did the repair for less than $100. AND I had my computer back in 3 working days! AWESOME, right? So they got a letter for that.

#3. Have you ever gone clothes shopping and picked something off the clearance rack only to have it ring up full price? This happened to my girls at Rue 21. I went to their website and told them, no biggie, BUT, the little girl that was working there was quite argumentative and said that the item should not have been on the clearance rack. Well, guess what. It was. And we don't work there, so one of the employees should be going through to make sure there are no regular priced items on the clearance rack. Two days later, my home phone was ringing with a call from the district manager wanting to make it right. Nice! Love that!

#4. Just last week, because of my poor planning, I ran out of Chanukah candles. Because I live in Alabama, I can't just run to the store to pick some up, I have to hunt for them and maybe I get lucky and find them. In light of the fact that I waited so long, I was in a pinch. Looked at some of the places I'd bought them in the past, but no luck. So I go to my local Publix store, where there is about 2 feet of floor space for Jewish items. Like I said, Alabama. LOL So I go to the customer service desk and asked the manager on duty. First she walked the store looking with me, then she immediately got on the phone and started calling to other area stores. The closest one that had candles was 30 minutes away. She asked if I could wait until the next day for the candles. I said yes. After her shift, she drove 30 minutes to the other store, picked up the candles, and brought them back to my store to be picked up the next day. How inconvenient for her and very convenient for me! SHE got a very nice letter sent by me on her behalf to the home office in Florida.

Okay, by now you get the drift. I'm a HUGE letter writer. And sometimes a tad lazy. Which is why I wanted Taco Bell Friday night. We don't eat out often because 1. it's expensive to feed all these people, so eating out is a treat and a rarity and 2. it's a pain to take the 85 year old father in law out in public. So, the hubs and I had a little "date" to pick up dinner to bring back to the house. The reason I'm having to post here instead of direct to the Taco Bell website is those sites don't allow photos. So, I'm going to post the photo and before you read on, really LOOK at the photo...

Okay, let's review... 2 Grande Meals (20 tacos total + 2 drinks) = $41.46. Whoa! So, the hubs starts going over the receipt with the girl behind the counter. She informs us that because we wanted sour cream and tomatoes, she added the additional $18. Holy CRAP! Are you kidding me? I was hoping to get a photo of an actual taco, but we just have a real aversion to paying another "roosevelt" to Taco Bell. But if you've ever ordered a taco supreme, you know that there are on average 7 pieces of diced tomato on each one and about a tablespoon of sour cream.

Here comes the fun part, math! So, here's a receipt from yesterday from Publix.

First, take note that a standing rib roast that fed all of us not once but TWICE, was $25. Yes, I know, that means we had to prepare it and clean up the mess, but it was WAY better than fast food.

Back to the point... Publix brand sour cream (16 oz.) cost $1.19 + tax. Tomatoes are $3.49 per POUND. Now, I'm estimating here, but I would say at MOST, there were 4 oz. of tomatoes on ALL 20 tacos. So 1/4 of $3.49 comes out to almost .88 worth of tomatoes. So even IF they had used an entire container of sour cream, and assuming that Taco Bell buys their food items from an upscale grocery store, it cost them no more than $3.20 to embellish our 20 tacos with tomatoes and sour cream that they charged us $18. for.

We felt totally raped paying $18. for tomatoes and sour cream! Before we left, we did some more math... The #3 value meal is 3 taco supremes and a large drink for $5.29. We would have been further ahead buying 7 of the meals because we would have gotten 3 more large drinks and 1 additional taco to the tune of $37.03.

As always, Caveat Emptor!

And I promise, my next post will be scrappy related! :-)


  1. I am a letter writer as well. Good for you and I would pass this around to everyone you know and let encourage them to follow what their conscience leads when dealing with Taco Bell. I bet Taco Bell would NOT be happy. That is just the kind of publicity that they do not want. I would boycott it because of this, but they wouldn't notice as I never go there.

  2. Great story for a not so great adventure. I think you should write Taco Bell, too. And don't forget to send them a copy of your Publix receipt reflecting the current price of sour cream and tomatoes. =)

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  4. That is just insane. Insane I tell you. I would have felt totally ripped off. I would be interested to know how their corporate office reacts so be sure to follow up. Oh and let me tell you you have quite a way with words I loved reading it :)

  5. I am interested in seeing if it is just a local Taco Bell policy or a coorporate one. I amy have to go buy a Taco to find out! Only kidding. Can't wait to hear the follow up on this one...until I do no more Taco Bell for me.

  6. I knew that there was a reason why I did not partake in Tace Hell..

  7. Suzanne....... you GO, girl!!! It's about time for someone to stand up to how these places are ripping us off! About a year ago, I had the rare craving for Taco Bell and because I always need extra Sour Cream, I asked for a some extra. At that time, the cashier told me it would be an extra charge because I had already paid for my order... I was "ticked off" but went ahead and paid for only 2 extras. Upon leaving, I became determined that Taco Bell wouldn't be getting my rare business anymore! I understand that a business needs profit to run but yet they keep raising prices and charging for every type of extras that there is.... Nowadays, it's even expensive for us, just a family of 3 to eat out! We used to go to Wendy's once a week (I love their fries and iced tea). In just a week's time, the price of around $18 for the 3 of us, increased to over $22...... Wow, no more Wendy's for us!!! I know people still eat out but don't these places realize that there are people who have stopped eating there because of things like this? It simply kills me that even the smallest things like a glass of iced tea in a restaurant is almost $3. We're talking about water and tea bags. I drink unsweet (using a packet of Sweet n' Low and even skip the lemon) even I can figure the Math out on that one, that they're making a HUGE profit on iced tea.... My hubby and son don't understand why alot of times, I just order iced water but to me, $3 is alot of money! Okay, I'm starting to rant here but I am SO totally impressed with you for standing up and speaking your mind to these greedy companies!! I also love that you write letters about everything, I do sometimes (not as often as I used to) but hubby thinks I've lost my mind by writing them... Thank you for sharing this with us!

  8. That is totally uncalled for! Taco Bell executives....you should be ashamed! I can't imagine spending almost $42.00 for a Taco Bell "meal"! I am so glad you posted this Suzanne, no more Taco Bell for me or if I do I will pack my own tomatoes and sour cream, you know I always have those items in my purse!

  9. Wowza....I think I would have told them to shove it when they told me the total! ;) You'll have to let us know if they respond to your letter.

  10. Good for you Suzanne! I completely applaud the fact that you stood up and spoke your mind! It's completely ridiculous how chains re: Taco Bell in this case can get away with things like this...I truly hope someone takes note of your email and does something for you! This is really not acceptable practice in my book! It's just WRONG! Best of luck with this!! I too am curious to see how this pans out for you! Keep us posted!

  11. What a rip! You go girl write the letter!