12 Days of Christmas contest!

Creative Cookbooking has another awesome contest! We want to see your mini books of your 12 favorite Christmas cookies! Now don't feel overwhelmed! We don't need photos, just recipes, unless you want to include photos, then thats fine too!

To enter, upload your entries to our gallery and sign up on our sign up thread. Voting will be done by some special designers!

You have until midnight on January 4th to complete your mini book. Come on girlies, show me your minis!!! :-)

Here's a layout that I just finished of Megan and Caitlyn being silly the day the tree went up. They look a lot alike in these photos, doncha think? :-)

I'll have more to share soon! Thanks for stopping by! :-)


  1. Great layout!!!! 12 recipes huh????? I don't even know how to bake 12 different cookies!!! :)

  2. Cute l/o! Your girls look like a lot of fun!

  3. super cute layout! they do look a lot a like! they sure look like they are having fun in that top pic! LOL

  4. Love your LO!! :-) Ohhh me and cookies don't get along.. lol..

  5. Fun lo girl! How about 12 cookies I can buy at the store! LOL! Hmm how about 12 fantastic places to buy a great dessert??? LOL! Ok so I'm really into cooking. I used to bake all the time...when I had 2 kids...With 5 I never have any to put away but I can't make them fast enough!