Last month Get It Scrapped had some fun blog challenges, so although I'm almost a month late with the challenge, I thought I'd update since I don't have any layouts to share. Maybe next week...

Today I am looking out my scrap room window and all the birdies frolicking in the crab apple tree in the rain.
Today I might cook absolutely nothing!
Today I am reading absolutely nothing!
Today my biggest priority is making sure my birthday girls have a great day!
Today I hope to see the sunshine.
Today I hope to talk to Stace.
Today I have already seen/talked to noone! It's 6 a.m.! LOL
Today I am watching a bunch of giggling girls spend their birthday loot at the mall.
Today I am dreaming that maybe I'll have some scrap time next week!
Today I am wearing nothing! Oh, just KIDDING! LOL Probably jeans and a t-shirt.
Today my mood is great! So far... But it's early, I'll bet later my mood will be exhausted. LOL
Today I am going to get to see Megan! I miss her so much!

Exciting stuff, right? LOL I hope all of my scrappy friends have a wonderful weekend! :-)


  1. Have fun at the mall! Good idea about wearing nothing, lol...Your girls might decide they really don't want to go after all! haha! Happy birthday to your girls!

  2. That was fun!! LOL!!! Have fun this weekend with the girls!!

  3. Aw! Looks like yur day is off to a good start!! Have a great one!! I think you wrote a poem...i loved it!

  4. just noticed your scrap a cure button! i saw the website yesterday and am loving them!!! the kits are awesome as well!

  5. That's very cool, my friend! Very cool indeed!! I just may have to steal it!!! ;-)

    How are the birthday girls???