What is it...

... about scrappy friends that they care so much about your old photos? You know, the ones we all have sitting in a dusty box? Yea, you've got them, admit it! LOL

A couple of years ago, some friends challenged me to complete layouts using the old yucky, out of focus photos and then sent me an awesome prize. :-) Most recently, Terri explained to me why it was important to scrap those photos, to which I replied with a scoff. Pish, even when I did scrap the old photos, noone even picks up those albums. Terri said "Yet..." Now, how long do you think it was before her words crept back into my head? Exactly ONE.WEEK.

While reminicsing with father in law on his 85th birthday, the question was asked of him, "were you a planned pregnancy?" (His sister was a good many years older than he.) That prompted Caitlyn, (14 years old) to ask if SHE were planned and then the obvious dig at her little sister "but SHE wasn't, right?" :rolling eyes: And then it happened, when I heard Terri's voice in my head... Caitlyn asked, "can I see my baby photos?" =:-O

Umm, well, you see, umm, see that box over there? Oh! The disappointment, the shame of it all! :Terri's voice: "See? I TOLD you!" (not that Terri would EVER say I told ya so, but in my head, she sure did! LOL)

So, all of this to say, (say it with me Terri) some day, your children WILL want to see their old photos. Yep, they surely will. So, without further ado, I went straight to 1994 and pulled out Caitlyn's baby photos. Sigh. You know what the coolest thing about it was? The MEMORIES. Gosh, those were really great times. :sniff, sniff:

So you'll be seeing lots of out of focus, wonderfully old, photographs being scrapped, starting with this one of Caitlyn's nursery, which wasn't completed until 4 days before she was born. :-O The journaling says that we hired an artist to paint a Noah's Ark motiff on the walls and blind and that my friend and neighbor at the time sewed the bedding and curtain, which are in Caitlyn's keep box as I type this. We also still have the blind, all rolled up, safe in the closet. :-)


Now, what are you waiting for? Go dust off those old photos and revel in the memories! Just returning the favor that so many of my friends have done for me. I thank you all so much! :-)


  1. You know I'm sitting here crying in my coffee, don't you?????? As if today wasn't emotional enough!! I cannot wait to see ALL the layouts from that box!! Every single one!! I am so proud of you my friend!!

    And I would never in a million years say "I told you so!" Nope, not me! ;)

  2. Aww...even its about the memories more so than the pictures in my mind. The pictures are good enough to bring back all those memories! Love your layout! Can't wait to see more of them! Your right, I need to go back through my pile and scrap my favorites that haven't been scrapped yet.

  3. Wonderful layout.
    I hat to be the one that says "I told you so...." ;-) LOL
    Enjoy the trip down memory lane.

  4. Glad to see you are finally getting to your BOX of pictures. Sometimes you need to have something repeated numerous times by different people before you realize those old photos are worth scrapping.

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  6. Funny you should post this now, because as I was looking through the girls albums the other day I realized that all of the albums start around the time that each of them are 2 or 3 - No baby photos. Anna is constantly asking to see her baby photos so I have to set her up on my laptop so she can view them. Pitiful huh? I did a page using her photo from the hospital, but I really need to do more of them. Thanks for the kick! ;)

  7. i think that is so true, i have lots of scraptastic photos and their memories are just as important.
    i love your layout!

  8. Looking forward to seeing all those great LO's! I am loving this one!

  9. oh wow! sounds like a great idea to me! my kids are still both below 10 but i have a lot of catching up to do! :)