Family field trip

We have lived in our home in Alabama for over 15 years. Businesses come and businesses go, but yesterday, Glen found a pearl! Just minutes from his office, which is in the middle of NOWHERE, he saw a teeny tiny little wooden sign that said "winery" pointing down a dirt road. Hmm, so he took a little detour and found a quaint, honest to goodness winery that has been there for years! They grow their own grapes and everything!


Today, we loaded up all the kids and the father in law and went for a drive. I love their motto! :-D

winery 2

They were serving brunch when we arrived, so we ate Italian Toast (like french toast only stuffed with some sort of cream cheese filling) and while we were waiting to be served, they gave us a tour of the winery. How cool is that! After brunch, Glen and I had a little wine tasting and purchased 3 bottles of yummy, made in Alabama wine, a merlot, something I've never heard of, and a sweet peach wine that will be used for cooking.

We'll be going back for sure, just Glen and I, as once a month they have a jazz band with their Friday night wine tasting. YAY for date nights! :-)


  1. I'll join ya for some group therapy! haha! Sounds like a really neat place!

  2. Oh my goodness - you have found a piece of heaven on earth!!! How I wish Ken & I could join you & Glen on date nights!! Enjoy every single second you spend there!!!