Snow Day

So, this photo merited a second post today. LOL Isn't this CRAZY? And three hours later? Sunny and 50 degrees and all the snow was gone. PERFECT snow day, if you ask me! :-D


And one of my favorite things to take a photo of is the tree outside my scrap room window. Remember the layout I did recently with all the raindrops on the buds? Here is today.

Scrap room window

I took over 200 photos with my new Nikon D 80 today. I'm uploading now and how fun will it be to scrap these photos while everyone else is scrapping SPRING?? LOL


  1. That is just the craziest thing! I can't believe you guys have snow.

  2. I'm sooo jealous!! We got NOTHING. NOT.ONE.THING. Oh, ok. We got snowflakes and sleet. But nothing pretty. Those are gorgeous pics!

  3. WOW!! What gorgeous snow shots!! All we got was wind, rain & cold!! No snow here!!

    Can't wait to see the layouts!!!

  4. wow.. wish I'm there to enjoy all those white snow!

  5. Wow! That snow looks so ironic next to the pool like that! Very neat.

    When we lived in CO, it snowed one day really late in the spring & in the morning we cut the grass and in the afternoon we shoveled snow!