Happy March


Which just so happens to be the day that we have our first sticking snow. Yay me. Can you sense my excitement? LOL Hopefully I'll get some good pics out of it anyway.

A couple of things... I've taken the Feedjit thingie off my blog. It was interesting for awhile to see where my readers came from, but I don't appreciate being stalked through it, so I've removed it.

I'm sad to say there was not one layout submitted for my sketch challenge. I will, however, be pulling a name from the ladies who were nice enough to leave feedback and will contact the winner tomorrow, whomever it may be.

I will post the new Book of Me challenge later, so be sure to check on the O'Scrappy Day board for that!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :-)


  1. What???? Stalking you????

    I have your challenge right here to work on. So sorry I didn't get it done - being sick SUCKS!!

    Love ya, my friend!!!

  2. Snow does stink, but then you have a valid reason to stay in and scrap :)

  3. so sorry to hear that you were being stalked!!! I hope things are going well for you...I miss talking with you