I wish...

There are lots of things that came to mind when I thought "I wish I could..."

I wish I could sew. Yes, I realize this would add another thing to my job description, but how cool would it be to have a useful thing and say "I made this!"

I wish I could cook. Well, I CAN cook, I wouldn't starve, but I would like to LOVE to cook and make fabulous creations like my hubby. He just has this natural talent for mixing ingredients and coming out with yumminess!

I wish I could quilt. I love quilts. Again, no sewing talent whatsoever, nor the patience to see a huge project through to the end, but I would love the end product.

I wish I understood HTML. Then I could make my blog all fancy. And probably a lot of other useful stuff too, not the least of which is wooing people with my technical knowledge. LOL

I wish I could take better photos. After 9 months of taking photos daily, I've decided that my lack of good photos is decidedly my camera's fault. If I had one of those cool SLR cameras, I would be motivated to learn to take better photos.

I think that my new years resolution next year will be to make one of my wishes come true. Can you guess which one it will be? :-D


  1. But look at all the things you CAN do, my friend!!!! Look at all that you do for your family & friends!! You are an amazingly sweet, generous, talented, humorous lady who has my deepest admiration!! XOXO

  2. Could it be another new camera. I thought DH just bought you a new camera and you need another one :)))

  3. uhm, i'm guessing, photography? that's what i'd love to learn too! ;)