Blog challenge #47

List the names of five animals from your lifetime. Write about one that sparks a strong memory to you.


  1. Hmmmm . . . this is very thought provoking. Have to see what I can come up with! Thanks, friend!!

  2. My dog Zoe just died two months ago at the age of 14. So she comes to mind first. Then there's Spooky who was my cat as I was growing up. She was really cool! And another cat named Nadia. He wouldn't show his real sex until he was several months old and already knew his name. He looked just like Morris! Then there was DD's goldfish named Rocky. He would "dance" to the beat of any music playing and would get all excited when anyone came near his fishbowl. Finally there's my first pet Judy. She was a blue and white parakeet. I really loved her!

    Hope you're well! I haven't been blogging much. Good to "see" you again!