Are you thankful?

During this season of giving thanks, what are you thankful for? The thing that tops my list each year is the health of my family, but this year, I can't add friends to that list. This year, three of my friends are particularly burdened with serious health issues of loved ones.

1. My dear friend Jessie, whos mother is dealing with lung transplant issues.

2. My scrappy friend Niki, whos young daughter has DIPG.

3. My wonderful friend Terri, whos 2 year old granddaughter was recently diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. Is she not the sweetest thing! Here's where you can donate to precious Jilli's cause.

I indeed feel very thankful that my family is healthy, but my heart breaks each and every day for my friends. My thoughts and prayers are with them each day and I just wanted them to know that. May your season be blessed with all that is good!


  1. I feel very thankful that I have a friend like you who worries about her friends & what they are going through as much as she does about her own family.

    Mere words cannot express how grateful I am that YOU are in my life & that YOU are my friend. I LOVE YOU & Jilli & I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. {HUGS}

  2. Suzanne, thanks for thinking about me and my mom. I am so blessed that a selfless person agreed to save my mothers life...and I am blessed to have a wonderful friend like you. I have not met you in person....but I am sure I would know you if I saw you in a crowded auditorium....you would be the one with the glowing aura and the beautiful smile. You are truly a good person, and I am so lucky to have met you in this large universe!